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I have 3 opinions that your brain will water down into 1 because that's how your brain works because psychology...

1.Ethereals and Vrykul as neutral races
2.Custom skins/races for existing races (wildhammer dwarves, felorcs blah blah blah)
3.More classes per expansions. Shouldve made wardens alongside demon hunters.
Naga and orgres
03/16/2017 12:59 AMPosted by Shado
Ogres are long, long overdue.

They are more overdue than demon hunters were
I am more than a fish.
I am more than a man.
Ogres for the Horde, Naga for the Alliance.

We've needed these two playable since WCIII.
Those women from Brunnhildar in Stormpeaks (Northrend). They're awesome in every way.
03/16/2017 05:01 AMPosted by Lockpower

2.Custom skins/races for existing races (wildhammer dwarves, felorcs blah blah blah)


yes please
Then roll a demon hunter.

You could glide around with a mermaid tail trying to save Azeroth.
Arakkoa! KWAAAK

Rock on!
Tinfoil hat theory incoming,
Maybe they won't add a new race at all for Horde! But they will add moose horns for all tauren! And for Alliance! Chicken People! Because Chick-Fil-A? Eat Mor Chicken?

Okay, here's what I really think they'll add, (this probably won't work though :P) Dragonkin? Like, you know, people that can turn into dragons, and keep some of their dragon features even in humanoid form? I don't know, just putting things out there.

Actually, here's something that might work...Vrykrul! Yeah, so I actually fit in when I'm running around my order hall
If they're not going to change the way Night Elves look then I want High elves or Nighfallen.

Yes. More elves. I said it.
I'd like to see some more variation added for the current races, maybe even subraces like Shal'dorei for Night Elves or Eredar for Draenei (just off the top of my head).
I've said it before and I'll say it again; arakkoa.
Truth be told I kinda want Hozen and Tuskar more then any others
Might be interesting to see Broken, but they might be too similar to regular Draenei to bother. Botani would be very interesting imo, but I can't ever see it happening lore-wise.

I can't see any four-legged races being playable, like the centuars, dryad, or the Ramkahen. They'd have to either make armor like pants and shoes invisible on them or completely rework them to fit. And mounts would be impossible. Sure maybe they could act as their own ground mount, but flying mounts? Seems like it'd be way too messy for Blizz to bother.

Anyway I vote for Botani even though it won't happen.

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