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Raiding since Vanilla, Apotheosis is still one of the top 25 Alliance guilds on Windrunner. We maintain a mature & positive environment and are run democratically. Members have access to our bank and Discord. Active raiders also have additional access to our bank and guild repairs.

Apotheosis is a raid guild that aims for completion of heroic content. At times we may choose to clear through an instance on normal mode; however, progressing through mythic is not our main goal. After clearing through all heroic content, we have historically made fun attempts at mythic based on guild interest.

We are always open to applications from outstanding players of any class/spec who wish to raid, and we prefer you play the main that you love regardless of what we need. Otherwise players often get bored & want to switch classes or specs shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, bouncing between them doesn't benefit our raid progression. Our top needed classes and specs for this expansion are are advertised on the guild's website, currently: MAIN SPEC DPS. We are full on main spec healers and tanks. Raid times are TUE/THU/SUN 7-10pm server. All raiders should have a viable offspec, and current versions of Discord (with push-to-talk), Deadly Boss Mods, and GTFO.

Our recruitment process is simple. Contact either Iflana or Myrla in game. If we feel you're a good fit for the guild environment and are properly equipped to raid (at our current level of progression - 330+ / gemmed / enchanted) we'll ask you to join us for some raid time. Expect to either join us as a probationary guild member, or raid with us as a guest to ensure we are a good fit for each other. Guest spots are limited in raids to ensure we retain guild credit for boss kills. Our guild will be asked for feedback, and we will make decisions based on member feedback, attendance, and performance - including ability to adapt/learn. Alts are welcome, but will not be geared during raid time. Family & friends of veteran raiders are also welcome!
Updated SEP17/18 - LFM main spec DPS.

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