RightClick+(A/D)Strafe cancels on area spells

Bug Report
I stumbled onto this earlier today that the function of right click+hold to lock your camera to your character gets disabled the instant you begin to cast a target area spell (trap/rain of fire/blizzard/etc).

The problem this causes is that Right Click + A/D is a common function that enables Strafing without needing to waste a keybind. Precasting a spell to get the targeting circle now overwrites the function of Right Click that locks your camera to your character and consequently disables strafing, reverting back to a standard keyboard turning A/D with no means to strafe without canceling the spell or casting it (dangerous when trying to drop aoe on the move while strafing). In the past, you could hold Right Click and rotate your camera without canceling the spell as long as you continued to hold your right click.

To show the steps i'm taking in replicating this issue:

  • Hold right Click, never let it go.
  • Move your mouse around, your camera will follow the back of your character and point you towards the center of your camera. A nd D are now Strafe while you're holding right click
  • Precast a ground targeted spell so you get the spell circle
  • You are no longer able to strafe or manipulate your camera via right click (even though it was never let go) until the spell is completed or canceled.
  • It's a hard topic to find information on so apologies if this has already been covered.

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