My Unhonorable hitlist

Gundrak and Jubei'Thos
I declare war on all horde/alliance scum who grunt rush me in groups. Kill people when they're afk and other dishonorable actions. these will be added to Spy, to keep track of people who need to die.
My current most wanted targets are:
1. jinxx
2. Komah
3. Ghostkiller from gundrak
4. Shadowbubble
5. shamangala
6. Fiestybeck
7. other shaman i can't remember the name. But my spy addon will tell me when he's near by

I look forward to farming all Unhonorable targets. May update the list as it gets bigger and clarify names once spy brings them up. People who try to defend these targets will not be added to the list, as there may be possible confusion in attacking these targets. Protecting allies is honorable, interfering with duels is not.
Honorable mentions.
1. sekira attempting to defend an ally, who he thought was receiving an unhonorable gank (sekira and i were not killed)
Would you like direction to the nearest PvE server??
I like this post,

Well after a few years of getting constantly attacked by horde, I installed an add-on that gives me a kill on sight list per above.

Let me say now - any horde who attack me when I am not at full health / fighting NPC's / 2 or more attack at a time / afk - (not including World PVP areas) get added to that list.

After all it is a PVP server so I'm happy to pit my skill's against yours in a 1v1 situation.

Also anyone with a Fire-Watchers Oath buff can attack me at any time, in any situation without being added - also watch out when I have the oath on as all rules are abandoned when I'm collecting bloody coins - however I will only kill you once.

Also I will not help any alliance in a fair 1v1 fight or kill you after if you win. Unless is a guildie who is under geared compared to you.

Also if I attack first you will not be added if u kill me. (ie current guilds on the list)

If the above happens below is the result.

Every time I see you - or any member of your guild, I will instantly attack and kill a minimum of 2 times if there under-geared and 3 times if you are geared. Some of you may have already experienced this - you and your guild will be on the list 90 days from the last time I'm attacked by a guild member. So if your really geared or an un-killible class for any on my toons, and attack me spare a thought for your other members not so geared.

Affliction please attack me again as last time you did I got dissed and your name wasn't on my list to add when I logged back in. Girl without a Mic - keep ganking please I want you to stay on the list :)
I don't understand why I'd be on that list I absolutely detest ganking and actually take offence that you would accuse me of doing so. I play holy and don't survive very well I don't go round poking the bear as I have better things to do.
^ Saltybubble
This is the best thread ever. Just for this reason alone I will be re-roll on this server - great to have vigilantes ensuring honorable pvp !
Wasn’t even joking, already rolled. Let’s do this: make world pvp honorable again !!
I love this post. I do the same, but I lost my spy list a while back unfortunately.
The horde have no honor.

If you're getting ganked, think back to all the times you ganked someone unfairly. Karma comes around to all of us in the end.

When I was leveling in BC I had this guy gank me for over 2 hours, fast forward to Cata and I actually found him again, and he was leveling, and I was max. Karma !@#$%. I ganked him back until he logged, I'd say he had no idea who I was or why.

I don't understand why the idea of a dishonorable kill was taken away.
Should be considered a dishonorable kill if:
- You gank someone multiple times (lets say more than 2)
- You attack someone lower than 5 levels than you.
- You attack someone lower than 10% of your current health.

Not sure what dishonorable points should really do though, perhaps create a bill that has to be paid unless you want ALL guards to attack on sight.

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