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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Family of Valor is a friendly guild on SWC. We have been together many years and look forward to many more. We need to bolster our ranks as real life takes its toll on game play for most members.

We work together and help each other out when and where we can. We enjoy running together, we help each other gear up and receive the enchants/gems required to boost your character without paying the silly prices on the AH.

We are laid back and look to others who are the same to join us. So, if you want to run dungeons/raids as a guild without the pug issues we face then give us a go and make us great again.
They are very nice and helpful I run with them often, they are a pleasant group and would be a great guild to join.
I've been reading about your guild and feel it would be a good fit for me. I'd like to know who I need to contact to join this guild.
You can contact myself on Vandarin#1526 if you wish to know more :)
If there are any players out there who are from the UK/EU then give me a shout as I am from Scotland and would like to see more players who play GMT/GMT + or -
2 hrs time. That way we can run more as a guild and help each other out in every way. Alts are welcome once you are settled into the guild.

Give me a shout if you are interested ;)
The doors are still open. Anyone interested please get in touch :)
We must bolster our ranks if we are to defeat the Legion. Come join us and help us quash the fel ridden legion from our shores!!
We are looking for all classes, any level, any experience. Primarily we are looking to bolster the guild to be able to have our own raid group. We lack numbers at the minute due to RL issues.

If running raids or any other content is a goal of yours and are currently unable to achieve what you desire, then come join us. Our aim is to accomplish all aspects of the game and we cannot do that without new members.

Like previously mentioned, we are a family guild where we help each other out in every way we can. So if you are looking to achieve something and wish to help a guild rebuild then come join us.
I'm interested in joining the guild as a tank. Contact TrickyZerg#15334.
01/19/2018 05:00 PMPosted by Narsphein
I'm interested in joining the guild as a tank. Contact TrickyZerg#15334.

Hi Narsphien, sorry it took so long to reply. RL has had me away from dry land. We would love to have you if you are still looking to join.
If youre still active and looking for people for BfA i would love to join contact me at nLchoias#1686

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