The taste test quest

Bug Report
The taste test - Hermet Nesingwary keep says invalid target
I also encountered this today, very annoying!
Same error is currently occurring for this character also.
Same error for me as well
The quest is bugged can't be completed in both US and EU due to Hemet NPC being glitched
Just to be clear, this quest is in Sholazar Basin.
I have also got this error, tried a ui reset and abandoning redoing the quest. I have levelled many alts before and can't recall it being bugged before.
- Reloaded UI
- Turned off add-ons
- Dropped and retook quest
- In group and out of group
- Exit out of game and logging out only
yep. adding my 2copper to this too. just like Kaenis up there. reloaded UI, turned off addons, logged out, exited, dropped and retook quest.

evidently Hemet's had too much tipple?
I am also getting "Invalid target" msg from Hemet... Dropped quest and restarted, he still won't talk to me. Did most quests in sholazar. I am thinking I have to finish the Stranglethorn series of Nessingwary questlines. So am going to try that to see if Hemet will take his drink.

Seems this bug has been around long, long time.

EDIT UPDATE: got "Green Hills of Stranglethorn" achievement plus "snows of northrend" and still hemet won't take his drink.
Also experiencing the error with Hemet. Have tried all the methods above mentioned, still no resolution. Very frustrating!
Need to complete to get recipe from washed up mage in Dalaran sewers. I have been having trouble with this quest for several weeks.

I even tried using Hemet from another area, still nothing.
The other two will take the drink, but Hemet refuses. Hemet refuses a drink?! That's just nuts.
As of May 9, still bugged.
as of may 16th STILL buged has anyone heard anything from an Blizz person anywhere about this quest or better yet do they check these forums at all?????
May 23, still buged. RIP
Tested again. May 26, still bugged.
Cant finish the quest The Taste Test in Sholazar Basis, Hemet is "Invalid Target" when i offer him the Jungle Punch Sample.

Still bugged , we can finish loremaster ?
June 6 still bugged
Tried to do this on an alt I'm leveling and same thing. I did all the necessary troubleshooting fixes as already outlined above by others and none of them worked. Dropped the quest and moved on to a new zone.

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