Thal'kiel disappears after thal'kiel discord.

Bug Report
Thal'kiel goes invisible after thal'kiel discord procs, its been like this since 7.2 launched...
Same problem. Unfortunately, I doubt this will get fixed until next expac.
Same problem here, you will only see him again after relog.

Nice one Blizzard, spent hours on your stupid challenge to have my skin not showing up.

Hope this gets its priority upped a bit since the new appearance is available.
Bump. Anyone found a fix besides re-log? Annoying not being able to see the new skin I worked for.
04/05/2017 09:52 AMPosted by Furrdots
Bump. Anyone found a fix besides re-log? Annoying not being able to see the new skin I worked for.

Any load screen will make it come back so you don't necessarily need to relog. (hearthing does the trick)

I'm also pretty sure this bug is only a thing on certain weapon skins, as the Balance of Power skin has yet to disappear on me, but the new challenge mode one goes away instantly.
I've had both the challenge and the hidden skin disappear every time Thal'Kiel does discord which is really annoying..

I like to see my artifact, what's the point of unlocking new skins if the weapon itself keeps disappearing? I'm just gonna mog it into something else if they don't fix it soon.

Blizz should've fixed this problem already, while not a gameplay issue, artifacts and skins are a huge part of aesthetic in legion and was one of the new things added in 7.2.
Yeah, after putting in so much effort for an artifact skin just for it to bug out constantly sucks.

This, Wrathguard bug, and Fel Succubus bug not being addressed makes it feel like Blizz just doesn't give a damn. Pretty salty about it at this point since we've had a maintenance.
More bumping
Bumpity Bump.
BUMP - this is annoying as hell.
Bump/confirm. I was very proud and excited to have completed the challenge and get this new skin and it keeps disappearing.

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