Boomy LF Mythic + guild

885 Boomy looking for Mythic + Pushing Guild =)
Do u desire to raid at a high level? If so, <Revendus> seriously wants a quality Boomkin for a our core group.

Add me to chat Jaffar#1881
Hi there novum is currently 6/10h my and we are a heroic prog guild raifing 2 nights a week and semi casual/social. If your interested in a chat add binni#1788
Hey there!

<Vacuity> Barth Horde
Currently 4/7M EN 3/3H TOV 10/10H and 3/10MH; Looking for a few more dps and heals to continue progression into Mythic Nighthold. We’re looking to improve our current 20 man team, so willingness/ability to learn goes a long way.

Raid Times:
Wednesday/Monday 7.30pm-10.00pm server time
Sunday- 7.00pm OPTIONAL heroic run =D

Tanks: None
Healers: Preference on Resto Druid
Melee Dps: No more dh’s.
Ranged Dps: Everything BUT mages.. (we have so many) xD
Minimum 885 ilvl.
All other classes will be considered, just shoot our gm a message!

Mythic Plus
We are also looking for players who just want to focus on mythic + whether it be casual groups or players who are looking at getting a solid group together for carries. The majority of our players have Keystone master and are always looking for keys to do when we aren’t raiding. We have a high priority on tanks and healers who are capable of doing higher level keys or wanting to form a carry group, dps are also welcome to come along =D

If you’d like anymore info feel free to throw a btag request over to Bewm
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885 Boomy looking for Mythic + Pushing Guild =)

Hey Fuzzybumbear, I’m Shara the gm of <Zero Empathy> 7/7M 10/10H 3/10M and we are recruiting reliable players for our core team. Our raid times/days are wed, thurs, mon 7pmST-10pm. We are about being efficient in our raiding hours while maintaining a nontoxic raiding environment. We also have an active mythic plus community inside the guild that is growing and a second raiding team (10/10H) that raids on wed, fri, sun 7pmST- 10pm If this interests you contact myself at:
Here is more information about us:
Our Website:
Thanks, Have a wonderful day :)
Hey there!

Infenite Apathy is a raid team looking for Strong reliable players to join our ranks in mythic progression! i would love to have a chat with you sometime! we are 10/10H and currently bolstering numbers to move into mythics. we are apart of a 3/10M guild and trying to build up to compete with the other team :)

Raid nights are
-Weds:/7pm-10pm SVT
-Fri:/7pm-10pm SVT
-Sun:/7pm-10pm SVT

My bnet is Skargrim#1387! feel free to add me and have a chat! :)

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