imagine buying wow right now

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what would you have to say about the game currently?
Fk I used the free boost on not my friend's server.
" What is with this class design? They seem so boring... "
I would hate to be a brand-new player at this point.
Honestly having seen all the expansion from day 1 I would just play vanilla to 60 and maybe BC to 70 (even though it's nerfed to hell) there's really nothing amazing and innervative to see after that imo. Yeah BC was gated but only by how much you played and when a raid patch dropped not this baby gating where we are told what's happening week 1-11 SMH
TBH I would have a blast.

Seriously, every expansion have his flaws, but you still can remember the feeling of setting foot on Azeroth for the first time. It's awesome, period.

A co-worker who never played just bought the game on the sale, needless to say that the man looks like a zombie.
Like anything in life. You either like it or not.
04/05/2017 05:47 AMPosted by Pyaemia
I would hate to be a brand-new player at this point.

i agree.

if im not mistaken, arent doing the invasions part of pathfinder part 2? which is required for flying. so does that mean any new/returning player wont be able to fly for the rest of the expac because they cant complete that part of the achievement?

thats pretty dirty blizzard
One of my raiders just started in Legion and she's having a blast questing through each zone (classic zones right now on an alt) for the story.

If I were brand new at this point, I'd probably be confused and overwhelmed.
04/05/2017 05:32 AMPosted by Anadiction
what would you have to say about the game currently?

As someone who purchased Legion last week, I have this to say:

What is this?
What the?
Why am I doing this?
Why do I need this?
What is this class hall thing?
How do I get third slot on weapon?
What is AK?
Why is Illidan doing that?
So I farm nethershards to make LFR redundant?
Why the fudge are cloth 6g a piece?
Why does wowhead have an ad pop up literally every second?
Omg my brain hurts.
Charge smash smash smash.

Edit: a couple more thoughts.

Oh great I need 910 gear to farm 850 gear?
What the heck is Mythic+
What are keystones?
Why can't I hide my helm and cloak in the interface?
Where is PvP gear?
Ohhh Inky Black Potion is pretty.
So I'm fighting the Legion with Alliance, but they can gank me?
Haha silly Warlock with 900k health, you can't take on that boss with 21million health... What the?
Why am I grouped with 102's?
Why do mobs scale?
Why do I feel like at 770 ilevel mobs were easier than 815?
Oh great, another lag spike.
I wonder if leaving my class hall will make me DC again?
Ahhh, yes, trade chat still has not changed.
I don't know. My imagination is pretty lacking these days.
Best it has ever been by a good mile.

With cross server, flexible raiding.
Storyline content for every single class.
Transmog and collection improvements.

In short, so so much to do.
I actually dealt with about three different newbies a few days ago and battle tag friended one of them.

They're enjoying the game on the whole, but it's a lot of "enjoying the game in spite of itself" honestly -- there's a lot of pressure to get to Legion content asap but the leveling up process isn't enjoyable. You look ugly for most of it, zones jump back and forth across time periods in story from each one to the next, dungeon runs are silent, mid-leveling zones are nearly empty even with CRZ -- just too many irrelevant zones -- and the level progression of zones is set out in such a way to inherently slow people down by suggesting they go to continents and zones far, far away. You also have issues with outleveling zones before you complete them for various reasons.

Once you get to MoP and higher content this smooths out significantly, but most of Vanilla, BC, and Cata (Wrath seems to be an exception) seems to be a lot of "it's awkward but I like it anyway".

One thing that also needs to be touched on is the interface; the interface makes certain things harder than they need to be. Without looms, a lot of the newbies find the game surprisingly difficult.

- You outlevel your gear stupidly fast and become weak.
- Offensive dispels are something not really touched by the game
- Growl on pets in dungeons (as well as the entire idea of autocasting for pets).
- Classes get interrupts probably much later than they should -- interrupts should probably be given out early so they can be tutorialed at the start.

The level 100 boost tutorial that also starts you out looking pretty is probably a better place for the game to start most players, honestly, and I'd seriously consider doing something similar that starts with Pandaria for new players/characters by default.
"Wow, look at all this empty content. I really love MoP's graphics!"
Why am i out leveling a zone before i finish the zones?
04/05/2017 07:14 AMPosted by Razaziel
Why am i out leveling a zone before i finish the zones?

1 quest chain is a level, it irks me.
I'm not sure if any of you have tried. I did, out of curiosity.

Started a new toon. Didn't use heirlooms, join a guild, or use a boost.

The levelup experience is a mess. Even after the Cata rehash, the flow of stories and questing makes no sense. At this point, if they want to keep new players they should really consider giving a free boost to 100.

It's hard to get invested into the story (each expac is, essentially, time traveling at this point) and a lot of the flow and old mechanisms don't work. Without heirlooms/boosts you still level fairly fast, often not getting gear replacements until 10's of levels later if at all (ding 40 with green 18 bracers, heh).

On top of that, the class talents/skills are balanced around max level, not around leveling up, so there are some specs that don't get key abilities until very, very late in the game. This makes it even more confusing.

Overall, if you're not current content/endgame, you're kinda irrelevant in WoW. Which complicates things.

It's not really a good game for new folks.
04/05/2017 07:22 AMPosted by Skyly
At this point, if they want to keep new players they should really consider giving a free boost to 100.

I recently used my 100 boost.

I agree that it's much better designed as an entry point. I think 80 or 90 boosts would also be reasonable. Starting people in Valley of Trials, Northshire, Coldridge, Camp Narache, etc. just isn't a good experience for anyone from what I can tell.
Soo...much...stuff to do.
Would have fun. I enjoy leveling in games like this, so it would be a fun experience to go from 1 to 110 with a buddy.

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