Point of invasions?

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What is the point of invasions? I originally thought they would be a good way to farm Armies of Legionfall rep in order to unlock flying and ultimately earn the class mount. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a one time or possibly weekly quest that awards 1500 rep while the invasion WQs themselves do not.

Based on what I am seeing they appear to be an enhanced way to get nethershards if you want to play the Kadala lottery... oops, I mean purchase relinquished tokens for 5000 shards (approx 3+ invasions worth) for a chance at an 880+ piece of gear or legendary.

Armies of Legionfall rep - Limited to 1500 rep via one time (or weekly) quest.
Defender of Broken Isles - Complete an invasion one time in Azsuna, Stormheim, Val'sharah, and Highmountain to complete meta needed for flying
Nethershards - aprroximately 225 per invasion world quest completed

Any rewards I am missing? If so let me know so I can update the list.
Yeah, the only good thing is the shards rewards and they are not even THAT good
To help timegate flying.
Well their is no point of invasions because the quests to complete the invasion don't even work. Also their is a 99% chance we won't get credited or compensated for the 1 hour of time wasted to get the invasion done.

*developer- uhhhhhhhhhhh it would just take too much time to grant everyone that didn't get credit to grant the quest completion and theirs too many technical issues so i'm sorry we gonna has to make u redo the entire thing again later and no rep for flying and i know you have life outside of wow but we gonna gate it behind worst times anyhow duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

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