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But no matter how many times you try playing it you quit not long after you start?

That class for me is druid.
Rogue. I have a Rogue at lvl 100 but he was boosted. I only wanted him for lockboxes. Leveling one, I couldn't get past maybe lvl 30.
With Legion it's become most classes that aren't Shaman but most of all i'd say it's hunters.

I LOVED survival in WoD. Black arrow, explosive shot, lock-and-load procs. Maybe it wasn't for everyone but I loved the hyper-mobile dot hunter playstyle.
Warriors. Demon Hunters. Death Knights.

I just can't get into them, and I've tried.
Hunter... Both BM and ranged SV.
i'm finding it very hard to like the current iteration of enhancement shaman. it was much more fun pre-legion.

survival hunter feels terrible, too.
03/26/2017 09:07 AMPosted by Drakulous
But no matter how many times you try playing it you quit not long after you start?

That class for me is druid.

Shaman and Warrior.
Was a monk, then I went and bought some more heirlooms.
Just hit 70 last night on Thrall.

Most likely never even start another pally, but I started 4-5 Monks and at 30ish deleted them.
Shamans, and it's been that way since the game was released in 2004. I'd play elemental, but I prefer the magic casting of mages and warlocks. I'd play enhancement, but I prefer the dual-wield melee combat of rogues and fury warriors. And since they've pruned shaman abilities, like many of their totems (at least I think most are gone) they feel even more like other classes in the game. I'm going to try and finally get a shaman to endgame this expansion, since I want to attempt getting all class hall stories done this expansion, but I know shaman will likely be the second-to-last class I do it with. Last class will be my monk. Now that's a class that I don't even want to like, hahaha!
Shamans. I've tried repeatedly but I just can't seem to make them work, never got one to max level.
Warlock. That's why he's my bank toon.
Aff Warlock and Cat Druid.

I have tried so many times with both. I even have a 110 druid that I leveled from 100-110 as cat (resto/guardian now), and I just hated it. And I think its because both are essentially DoT classes. I dont like classes that have ramp-up time.

Cat for example, you have to get all your bleeds up and savage roar... only after that can you start really doing dmg. Sure, you can just shred/bite and kill regular mobs, but it still takes a while to do it that way. Its because of this slow to dmg/ramp up time that you almost never see cat druids in mythic + runs.

Affliction warlock is the same way. Have to get all your dots up before you can do any dmg. Only real advantages over cat are having a pet and being ranged. But to me, because of the ramp up time on every single thing you fight, the pace of the classes is just awful.

I just dont understand how people can enjoy these two. Wasting 5 GCD's just to get to a point where you can finally say "ok, now the damage starts" isnt fun. They just feel clunky.
Priest and hunter, both of which I've enjoyed at least one in every expansion except this one.
I'd say Mage is mine. The last time I really played my Mage was in MoP; I'd imagine I wouldn't dislike one as much now, but I'm erring on the side of caution and avoiding the class.

My favourite class in Diablo 2 was the Sorceress, Wizard's one of my favourite in D3 (and Jaina and Li-Ming are some of my most played HotS characters), I played a Black Mage in Final Fantasy XI, etc.. I love nuking stuff with spells. Having Blink and Portals were also attractive.. Yet I couldn't stand raiding on my mage alt since a lot of your DPS priority was to spam Fireball/Frostbolt until a random proc lets you do something different. Sure I'd sometimes have good luck, but it was very discouraging when once in a while I'd end up spamming Frostbolt for like half a minute before it was worth using IV and Alter Time and such.

I don't mind leveling a mage since you use more abilities to kite and CC and such as you level, but as soon as I started regularly fighting tanked bosses, I quickly lost interest.
Monk, druid, and rogue. The new Outlaw rogue spec helped my enjoyment but I still end up stuck with the idea of only being able to dps, especially as I already have a hunter for that. Druid I always end up getting to frustrated with the multiple forms and related hotkey bar swapping. I have played druid a lot at times in the past but it was solely focused on resto.

Monk I can't quite pinpoint. I sometimes like it be sometimes everything feels off. I haven't tried much since Legion though so I'll probably try it again at some point.
Paladin, the lore, the concept, and the idea of it. It all screams play me but I have never leveled one higher than lvl 30. I would boost but having never played one I want to learn the class.

Maybe one day. I am trying again at level 21 but legion is keeping me busy.

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