Ques for lower brackets

I haven't done any lower brackets since Legion launched. Now that the top bracket seems to be all screwed up, I'm thinking about that. But I don't want to sit around for a half hour waiting on a que to pop. Are the lower brackets fairly active? I really just want to bg.
For Horde the queue times aren't "terrible". I'd say maybe around 9-10 minutes. 60-70 used to be 19-20 minutes but it seems to have dropped.
I find games in 10 minutes or less for most of them except level 100 I never find anything although I usually only wait 20 minutes max.
I'm hoping they revert this change. When I saw that my queues went to 9-10min on alliance I instantly thought it would be even more horrid for horde. It seems that is the case.
Let's not segregate players even more in PvP please.
Are you talking about twinking or just playing in lower brackets?

I wonder how is twinking nowadays? Thoughts?
I don't think twinking is relevant anymore is it? Gear doesn't matter. I'm just talking lower brackets. I just want to log on, que up, not have to wait to long, do a bg, enjoy what I enjoy. I used to often run in the lowest bracket because it was easy to make a toon and ques were fast. Last time I tried it, it was a long que, tho that was a while ago.

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