Mage LF 2day Mythic Guild

7/7 M 2/3 M 1/10M Experience. Looking for 2 day a week guild progressing through M NH. I have good legendaries and a good attitude. Am extremely comfortable playing all three specs.
Add me at Penor#11829

Let's talk in game. We're a 3/10 Mythic Guild raiding Tuesday/Thursday 7:45-11:00 Server.
We are currently looking for another mage. <Vector> 5/10M NH.. We raid T/TH 6-9:30PST.

Add me if you'd like to discuss, thanks! Knowledge#11706

About <Riot>
Riot is a semi hardcore guild & a close knit community on Tichondrius. Our belief is that a raid environment should be fun & enjoyable, but also taken seriously during progression. Our community is what we’re most proud of; operating on a lighter schedule, it is as a team that we walk into Nighthold and make the most out of our time. Outside of Progression nights, we enjoy spending time on Discord pushing Mythic keys, clearing previous Raid Tiers, or even the occasional Pvp night. As a guild, we are looking for like-minded players to join our ranks and progress through what Legion has to offer.

Raid Times (PST)
Wednesday & Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 Pm

Emerald Nightmare| 7/7 Normal | 7/7 Heroic
Trial Of Valor | 3/3 Normal | 3/3 Heroic
Nighthold | 10/10 Normal | 10/10 Heroic | 1/10 Mythic

[1] Boomkin
[1] Shadow Priest
[1] Mage/Hunter

Although we are currently progressing on Mythic Nighthold, heroic and below are still cleared on a weekly basis. Thus, if you do not have any interest in pushing Mythic right now, but would still love a nice & fun raid environment, you’re more than welcome among us! Riot is always interested in Quality players of any class seeking a home; whether you’re a raider or a M+ runner.

Contact Information
Kydler - kidloy#1633 (GM)
<Red Writing> 2/10 M NH progression guild recruiting dedicated raid members. LF exceptional DPS and Healers to bolster our core raid team. Raid times are Tue and Wed evenings from 7-10 PST. Pst for more info.
If your looking for a leadership position in a guild looking to advance mythics
<Onslaught> Is currently looking for DPS and Healers For our Core group! A west coast guild raiding Tue/Wed/Sun 7pm Server starts! 1/10M NH! As it stands right now we need ranged DPS. As always though, we're not going to turn down exceptional players of any class or spec. Priding ourselves on having a fun atmosphere, and still downing content. Most of our core group has been playing together since Vanilla. All raid logs are on Warcraft Logs if you're wanting to check us out.

Message Soothinglime (Superfunlime#1294) or Romryn (BroDustin #1216 ) in game for more details! Thanks for your time :)

Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Sun 7:30 PM Server
Guild Name: Omnicide
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): Tichondrius
Realm Type: PVP
Realm Timezone: PST
Progression: Leadership is 8/10 and 9/10 M exp
Raid Times: T/Th 5-9 PST (8-12 est
Openings: Fury Warrior, DPS DH, WW, Mage, Warlock, Rogue

About us:

We're a newly formed guild consisting of a tight knit group of players, some of who have been raiding together for 5+ years. 80%+ of us have played at a top 30 us level or higher. Our goal is to create a low stress, non toxic raid environment while clearing mythic content at a respectable pace. Our aim is to end Tomb of Sargeras at or above the top 100 US level while only raiding 8 hours a week.

We're made up of former raiders from guilds such as Omnicide, Emphasis and Vulgar (Sargeras) Exiled Legion (Zul'Jin), and Apophasis (Shattered Hand). Any players interested in applying should do so at our temporary website at
or feel free to contact me directly via battletag:
<Southern Babaque> is a 4/10 M NH raiding guild. We raid Tuesdays and Thursday 7-10 p.m server time. We are looking for skilled ranged dps to help bolster our current core team and progress through NH and preparing for TOS. If you're interested add me on and we can talk more in-depth!

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