What grimor for demo?

In PvP and PvE?
Service is probably better for both pvp and pve.

PVE having two felguard is a big dps boost and for PVP having the utility/cc of a second demon is hands down better than a 15% dmg boost/supremacy IMO.
In heavy AoE fights, Synergy pulls ahead thanks to all of that buff applying to your discord and demonwrath, and it's a lot more consistent despite its random nature thanks to Service's long cooldown.
In single target fights and pushing burst windows, though, Service pulls ahead in a big way, especially because that means up to three big boy demons with which to TKC at command.
Supremacy is almost never worth it. It costs you your main DPS cooldown in exchange for a gimped doomguard AND it replaces your main pet.
Service for pvp and pve with 2 or less targets.

Synergy for pve with 3 or more targetsz

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