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Ok, I rerolled a couple weeks ago. Rocking that monk from now on. Currently, my mistweaving artifact is 35, Brewmaster 34, and Windwalking 32. I did all the quests on the broken shore, and then the quest chain just went dead. I never got a drop off of any of the mobs, which after a bit of research, I understand this to be the trigger for the quest chain to continue. I have looked through all of the blue posts on Wowhead, and I haven't found the answer to this question. I am hoping someone on this forum will have the answer.

Now, I have a couple of theories. 1. I have to be in Mistweaving spec to get the drop. This would be annoying, but whatever. (I quest in windwalking, duh)
2. My order hall isn't fully upgraded. I am still a day away from completing the second legendary upgrade. Maybe this needs to finish before I continue?
3. I am AK 24. Sadly, I am still 2 days from 25. Maybe this is holding me back from starting the chain?
Any help would be appreciated.
I'm not sure if being AK 24 would keep it from dropping, but I doubt it. It doesn't matter what spec you're in. I and others had it drop from big mobs on the beach just south of Deliverance Point. Good luck
Order Hall upgrade doesn't matter.

My DH isn't done hers and got the drop.

I can't remember if I did the Broken shore quest at artifact 34 or 35... I think 35, and she had AK 25. Her other artifact is 0. I know you just don't get the quest for a particular artifact if you don't have it at 35, but that is a few steps after the step you are on.

It is possible that you need 35 for the drop. It is also possible you need AK 25 (and I think more likely) because that drop immediately grants you AK 26 when you turn it in. You can just buy AK 25 now (and the quest line sent you to your order Hall after the night elf tome portion to show you that), no waiting required. Buy resources with blood if you are short.
I have AK 26 and it has not dropped for me. I have farmed for 2 hours and no scroll has dropped for it. I have completed everything except the quest for the new dungeon. Additionally, I accidentally started work orders for my 27th and 28th AK while in a raid, so I was unable to complete the AK quest where it asks you to start a work order. Not sure if this affects the drop of the scroll to open up the new artifact traits.
Go south of deliverance point and kill mobs on the beach there (soldiers peril?). I got the scroll after killing >20 mobs. I main MW, but did it as BrM. I killed so many mobs in other parts of the broken shore and got nothing, but I saw someone post they got the quest item to drop where I went, and sure enough, there it was.

Hope this helps.
Well, from what I understand. With this patch you were supposed to automatically get AK 25, then able to do the quest to 26. Also your 35 traits were to automically be given. This seems to be a major bug that is occurring to quite a few people (maybe pages of this on the bug report forums.).

It is my understanding that you may not be able to get very far until you indeed have that 26th artifact and the new traits opened up but I may be wrong on that part. So far there has been no blue post acknowledging these bugs, and the few people who had a gm get back to them just informed them that it was 'working as intended' as we would need to wait out our research that is currently queued up.
I might be stupid but I've read your post 3 times and I'm not sure what you want. What mobs? What are you trying to do?
03/29/2017 01:46 PMPosted by Shalefist
I might be stupid but I've read your post 3 times and I'm not sure what you want. What mobs? What are you trying to do?

Questline to get the new artefact traits on the weapon.
I got my new traits on my WW and BrM and I didn't have to get a drop. Once I opened the 35th trait on both weapons Khadgar had a quest.
You have to be on the quest "The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion" which will only show up from Khadgar (deliverance point) when you've upgraded your artifact knowledge level to 26. If you completed the artifact knowledge quest and are still artifact knowledge lvl 25 it means you probably need to check your bags and use the little item. It may require 35th trait too as stated above.

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