Glyph of Wrathguard: less damage

Bug Report
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03/30/2017 03:41 PMPosted by Rementhil
Yep, it's a big DPS loss. Not just that, but since it doesn't register Mortal cleaves damage it makes the pet basically single target and useless compared to felguard. So to function properly you have to remove the glyph and waste the gold spent on it.
2nd update on bug
I knew it was too good to be true. Glad I didn't waste my gold yet.
03/30/2017 07:26 PMPosted by Nebekinezzar
I knew it was too good to be true. Glad I didn't waste my gold yet.
Care to comment blizzard? Please. At least put it on your radar.
Any update on when this is going to be addressed?
Also, from what I can tell, on the rare occasions that he DOES say any of his lines, they're always doomguard/felguard lines instead of wrathguard lines. You know, the insubordinate illiterate obnoxious crap that made me hate the felguard compared to the wrathguard in the first place.
03/30/2017 09:10 PMPosted by Shepard
Any update on when this is going to be addressed?
Bump... because all hope is lost...

The weapons are so tiny that makes me cry.
My Wrathguard did over 4% less of my overall damage this week compared to my Felguard last week. Note that my Felguard also didn't have the 4/4 20% damage increase trait that my Wrathguard has now.

Basically 20k gold out the window having to reapply the Felguard glyph because my Wrathguard was making me irrelevant in raids.

Please fix this ASAP. ty.
bumping this thread. I spent 12k gold for this glyph and i don't want to have to remove the glyph and pay an additional 12k for another glyph.
For a literal half second, and I'm not being an !@# or embellishing here I mean literal as within the realm of reality, my new Wrathguard had the two iconic Hellreaver weapons I wanted him to have. Then he pulled out two tiny versions of the Felguard's crappy axe from 2004 and has used them ever since. The glyph that could solve this obvious bug is exclusive to having the Wrathguard in the first place. Apparently he also does less damage and I've noticed he gets his $%^ kicked more savagely by quest mobs, once dying to them because I hadn't used Blood Funnel after a few enemies.

This need to stop, Blizzard. Crap like this is not cool. At all.

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