[H]<Puzzles> Barthilas Recruiting 10:30 ST

Is a new formed semi-hardcore raiding guild which focuses on mythic progression and mythic+ Scores while still having fun and enjoying the game.
Most of ours members split from a 4/10M and 3/10M guild to try and progress further with the goal in mind of Getting Guldan before ToS. All of Us are also 90%+ on Warcraft Logs

We are currently looking to increase our roster and in hopes of finding exceptional players to progress.

Season 1 M+ Score 1700
Most of us enjoy Mythic+ and form carry groups on a regular basis to farm Artifact Power and if that isn't what your looking for a lot of us here in puzzles also enjoy pushing m+ key and trying to get rank 1 for our M+ score.

Preparation Before Raids
We're not a hardcore raiding guild but were still a Semi-Hardcore and we expect players to show up on time with pots/consumable and ready to raid. while most of our raiders will have access to these within our guild bank trials will not.

Being Late Or Unable to Attend
As a semi hardcore raiding guild we know a lot of people still have real life commitment to attend to as so if your unable to attend or are coming late please notify any officers through in game chat/discord or mail box.

High Priority on class listed below But if you believe your extremely skilled in dps and mechanics at your class/role we will take you into consideration.

-Guardian Druid
-Prot Pally
-Brewmaster Monk

-Holy Pally
-Resto Druid
-Resto Shaman

Melee Dps:
-Windwalker Monk
-Frost Dk
-Assination Rogue

Range Dps:
-Shadow Priest
-Ele Shaman

Raid Times/Dates
Our Current Raid Time/Dates are as followed
Wednesday: 10:30-1:30 Server Time ( 7:30-10:30 Am Pst)-(12:30-3:30 Gmt)
Thursday: 10:30-1:30 Server Time ( 7:30-10:30 Am Pst)-(12:30-3:30 Gmt)
Monday: 10:30-1:30 Server Time ( 7:30-10:30 Am Pst)-(12:30-3:30 Gmt)

If you think <Puzzles> is the place for you then feel free to Contact any of us in game Or Add our Bnet Tag

In game Name/Btag
Pwntgg: Depedobear#1906
Outbreakcity: Outbreak#1615

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