Ekowraith Leg. Effects - Broken since 7.2

Bug Report
It's supposed to provide a bonus to Druid Feline swiftness and Astral Influence, but the bonus fades in and out every few seconds.

Edit: See example video in post by Alex below

Example: In cat form the bonus to feline swiftness with the legendary brings maximum run speed to 158% but it drops to 147% every few seconds.

With the Astral Influence talent and the legendary equipped the Rake ability should have a range of 14 yards, but it drops to 10 yards every few seconds.

The whole bonus goes in and out. Haven't tested the bonus to Ironfur.

This bug renders the entire legendary bonus unpredictable and undermines the recent legendary change to improve the item.
03/30/2017 09:58 AMPosted by Alex

Thank you, amazing example of the problem. Is there a way to report this in game? Not sure what topic to report it under.
i can confirm this has been happening since 7.2 and is quite annoying. While it's not potentially a huge deal when running Restoration or Guardian Affinity as a Feral Druid (since the effects don't directly affect gameplay), it is quite troublesome when running Balance Affinity where it significantly impacts gameplay. When the range bonus "flickers" in and out, you basically can't rely on its bonus and play as if the legendary effect is entirely missing. Attempting to take advantage of the range bonus means you spend a lot of time not hitting targets, and instead praying that the bonus will kick in soon without disappearing immediately.
Adding more details in case it helps with finding the bug...

The Ekowraith bonus tends to go away when buffs are applied/refreshed/removed on the character (Ex: Gaining/losing Predatory Swiftness). The bonus then takes anywhere from 1 second to 5seconds+ to kick back in after a buff has changed on the character, meaning the problem is significantly worse in combat when you are actively gaining and losing buffs from various sources (omen of clarity, Regrowth, Predatory Swiftness, Bloodtalons, Tiger's Fury, and Berserk to name a few personal sources that are core to the rotation).

So basically in practice, I've found that the bonus is inactive roughly 90% of the time while in combat, essentially negating the entire bonus effect on Ekowraith.

Hope this gets fixed soon as the bug has been present since 7.2 and it's almost been a month now this Legendary has been broken.
I am getting this bug as well now that I have the legendary. I can confirm that it does go away when gaining/losing buffs, which pairs horribly with Ailuro Pouncers. It is pretty much useless to use.
This is still not fixed, I need to run at 200% move speed with no buffs please :(
I'm sorry to say this, but they probably don't care. Liadrin's Fury Unleashed has been broken since launch and I've created several bug reports about it and even gotten a little publicity on it but no word or fix from Blizz.

Still, best of luck to you folks.
can confirm this is still broken
Would like to confirm this is still broken. Hope this is fixed before Tomb of Sargeras because this bug has been persistent for a very long time AND the Ekowraith bonus was working fine before.

Here is a youtube link illustrating bug as well, you can clearly see the tooltip updating on Shred whilst in combat, preventing actions from being cast.

If it is impossible to fix, with the new talent selection tech, having Ekowraith provide all affinities would be cool as well (though I am sure many would prefer the +75% bonus to their spec affinity + selected affinity).
Can confirm, is broken, pls fix.
+1 also confirming the above issue, and it doesn't appear to just be a tooltip bug.

Saw this post, decided to test it out as feral vs a target dummy, running Balance affinity + eko @ max range (ie 14 yards), was able to maintain normal dps rotation for a 5-10 seconds until the icons turned red, leaving me "out of range" of the dummy, while having not moved at all.

This bug somewhat appears to line up with the procs etc, although I couldn't say 100% for sure.
Still bugged.
You also seem to be losing the effects of ekowraith anytime your named zone changes (i.e. the name of the zone pops up in the middle of the screen).
Test it out in the Dreamgrove -- Just go to the center circle where all the form statues are (named the circle of spirits) and leave the circle (which places you in the Dreamgrove zone).
This bug still exists in patch 7.2.5, and is disruptive as it can make our abilities unusable from the appropriate range for a few seconds. To replicate:

1. Be a feral druid
2. Select the "Balance Affinity" talent, which grants the passive "Astral Influence" to increase the range of all abilities by 5 yards
3. Equip "Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds", which increases the effect of "Astral Influence" by 75%
4. Stand at Shred's maximum range from a training dummy
5. Cast "Shred" to generate 5 combo points
6. Cast Ferocious Bite (which grants the "Predatory Swiftness" buff)

You'll see that you can no longer cast "Shred" from where you're standing for a few seconds because the effect granted by Ekowraith has toggled itself off! A few seconds later the effect will toggle itself back on and you can repeat steps 5 & 6.

This is 100% reproducible - it happens every time, not just intermittently.

This is disruptive in real-life gameplay, where you may find yourself suddenly unable to attack enemies for a few seconds while waiting for Ekowraith's effect to toggle itself back on.

(note that in this example I've selected "Balance Affinity" for ease of replication/testing, but the Ekowraith bug exists if you select Guardian or Resto Affinity as well)
Please do us all a favor and submit these as in-game bugs as well.
Just a guardian butting in to 100% confirm that this affects us as guardian aswell. Our 'bis' defensive legendary only works 60-90% of the time on the average fight.
I know this uptime because the necklace exploit that was recently ninja hotfixed had inverse uptime to the ekowraith uptime. I had seen as high as 60% uptime on some fights on the necklace versatility, meaning my ekowraith had a 40% uptime. I was missing 4.5% damage reduction, basically the entire purpose of me equipping ekowraith, on 60% of those fights.

Confirmed triggers for this for guardian are getting rejuvenation cast on you, and shape shifting. There are other miscellaneous spells that trigger it, but if you want to test these two will trigger it without fail.
Simple test for guardian;
Stand on blue. You can mangle purple.
    -Have someone cast rejuvenation on you? You can't mangle or autoattack the target for a few seconds.
    -Enter cat form? The same thing. You can no longer hit the mob for a few seconds.

This also means I was missing the damage reduction at the most important times most likely, as the main trigger in raids is receiving buffs from healers. When I require heals the most I am not getting my defensive legendary affect. This legendary is horrendous in it's current state for guardian.

The upsetting part about this (and the reason I'm making this post) isn't that this has been a known bug in the community for months that's been reported multiple times. The upsetting part is that when blizzard finally attempts to implement a 'fix' to something related to this bug, it's decided to do a hotfix simply disabling the benefits of the necklace in raids. The actual underlying cause isn't even attempted to be addressed, just a huge band-aid over a serious mechanical issue within the game.

Five percent damage reduction matters a lot for guardian. Please fix our 'best' defensive legendary.
Still broken :(
This is not okay

Randomly losing the effect of the legendary, and thus being out of range of the target with balance affinity, means nobody can actually use the item.

Been this way since at least march.

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