[A] Treacherous Gods lf new raiders for ToS

<Treacherous Gods> is recruiting experienced players for its raid core. We are a newly formed semi hardcore guild with heroic/mythic experienced members, preparing for next raid tier! Raid times are tentatively Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm.

We are a group of RL friends who juggle school/full time jobs with the game so we understand the importance of having a guild full of like minded people. We are not looking to get any world firsts any time soon but we do want to progress through raids at a competitive pace while still keeping it fun. If you're interested in joining our team we are currently taking all classes and specs! Please add Dilla#11412 or Peral#1314 for more info.
Still looking for a few exceptional players to join our ranks!
We are still looking for cool people to join us on taking over the Tomb of Sargeras as soon as it goes live!
What classes are you needing?
Hey Jerycho! We are currently looking for a holy paladin/resto Druid, and any experienced dps with mastery of their class. If you have more questions you can add us on bnet Dilla#11412 or Peral#1314.
We are a fun group of people who like to have fun while getting things done! So if thats something that interests you, please message the above battle tags!
Still looking for cool people to join our ranks!
Hey, saw you guys posting around and was wondering if you would want to do joint raiding? We have the same schedule ( ours is 8:30-11:30) and wondering if you guys would be interested in joining our raid and if you guys are interested in pushing into mythic nh?

We're currently 10/10 heroic and 1/10 mythic

Add me to battle net if you want to set something up. truestar#1299

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