Suggestion: Legion Invasion Timing Issue.

We all know how it works now and why it's a problem. Truthfully, it's only a problem now cause we're all trying to get flying, and having it delayed due to time constraints on these invasions. So maybe this is a solution to a very temporary issue, but here it is anyhow.

We are given a quest to repel a legion invasion that is already going on, and in some cases, has been for several hours. Why not start the invasion when we accept the quest, we are prompted "accepting this quest will give you 2 hours to repel the invasion, accept, decline". At the point, the quest giver says "the legion is heading toward (zone), you must defend the invasion, champion!".

If you're a normal person and work to earn a living, you aren't punished for that since you can repel the invasion on your own time. If you spot a non-invasion WQ that you've been waiting for, then all the sudden an invasion pops up and blocks it, you can repel it and make it go away so you can still do the WQ you were wait for.

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