Hidden Wyrmtongue Cache stealth nerfed

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04/07/2017 10:02 PMPosted by Mailborn
For the Chinese Pay by the Hour market, this strategy works quite well. Was ActiBlizz sold to NCSoft or Nexon while we werent looking?

I said it before and I'll say it again: NetEase (China) is no longer using a pay by time model. They use the same subscription model the rest of the world uses. That doesn't mean net cafes don't exist in China, just that for the purposes of WoW revenue, it's subscription based just like ours. The change happened in August 2016.
Mage tower got destroyed lol
04/08/2017 03:32 AMPosted by Gnomêrlock
That's why I kept saying chests should stay till its tagged by everyone just like TI they knew people would hit flying very fast with loop holing GF to farm chests and then using flying to get the rest of the game behind so that we will continue to play the game, very bad tactics.

No kidding.

I got tired of finding a chest that was surrounded by mobs. Engage said mobs to get rid of them so I can click the chest. Watch someone else ignore the mobs, run in and click the chest. Watch as the chest disappears on me because I'm fighting multiple mobs. This happens often on the chests that are in the cave under Deliverance point.
04/07/2017 10:06 PMPosted by Zeerionjax
What we need to do is a mass un-sub like in WoD. Of course, that won't happen because too many people are just too jaded to care. Flight at max level+paying the flight trainer, needs to happen asap.

Semper Fi!

That won't happen because there aren't enough US players to mass unsub anymore.
I tested this theory last night and..... This is actually true!

Saw chests for days at first, then nothing. Whispered some other I saw camping and they confirmed they could still see chests that I couldn't see.

Blizz.... This was just petty. Chests give like 2-3 supplies each. You could've even nerfed it to 1-2, but putting a secret cap on the amount of chests the could open? That's..... Pretty low. If someone wants to speed up the already painful grind by spending hours and hours and hours farming chests, let them.

Stop trying to unnecessarily gate everything because players are finding legitimate, easier ways to grind out the rep gate you added.
blizzards way of dealing with this latest expansion is the primary reason i will never buy another blizzard game again
04/07/2017 10:34 PMPosted by Nephelyssa
Wow ok so first they nerfed the caches since players been exploiting them and because of that, we have a hard time looting the chests, now they nerf it even further so we can only loot so many in a day

What the hell is wrong with Blizzard? the already exploited players already have flying and now its going to take even longer for us to get flying.

In Blizzards mind is like, "well hey some people already got flying too easily so lets just make it longer for the other players to get flying"

There was no exploiting, and getting flying wasn't easy.
Looks like I hit the cap. I'm guessing the cap is 100 chests in a day or something. A friend and I haven't seen them in awhile now. FFS.
04/07/2017 11:16 PMPosted by Verbatim
I'm actually 99% sure now that Blizzard actually has the goal of making people quit the game. I used to think that their approach to flight was just because they were stupid but now I think it's because of malice. You can't really explain this one as stupidity because of how thoughtfully engineered the process of RNG resources/tokens->rep and server hoppers for chests->rep was to screw the vast majority of people out of getting flight at the same time even though they had to wait over 7 months already.

I don't know that they're trying to kill the game (though I've often thought some of their decisions in WoD and Legion couldn't have another explanation), but I do think they're trying to make Pathfinder difficult enough that they can say, "Only a small percentage of players completed Pathfinder; clearly flight is not a priority to our players and therefore we've made the decision to remove it going forward."
Hit the cap for the second day in a row now, it looks like. Great.

Also, I don't know if there is some exploit out there, but I'm in the camp of "no exploit, not easy." It has been an old-school grind to get as much of this rep as fast as possible.
Its true, it's gated somewhere around 100 then you are done till who knows when. I'm guessing 24 hours. I pretty much figure this out when I got on a alt and they were everywhere. Kinda lame for farmers.
Oh well 5k into Rev. Got flying and 56 million into 44 artifact :)
04/07/2017 10:15 PMPosted by Wuthappen
04/07/2017 09:59 PMPosted by Brunik
Seems each player has a cap on how many they can loot in a day. Once you reach your cap, you will no longer be able to see them in the world. The only way to find this out is to group with a friend who hasn't reached their cap and run around a bit until they find one. They will be able to see it and you wont. I believe there's no longer a farmable way to get Legionfall rep now.
good now you exploiters with addons have to farm it like the rest of us

Uhm, what? You literally can't.
Hit the cap after only looting enough chests for ~5-6 turnins...thanks blizz for stealth capping something that's already a bore to farm through legitimate means. Would love a response to this thread to at least get some insight into which dev was thinking what when this change was implemented, but as shady as you guys have been as of late I highly doubt we will hear anything.
The Diablo Devs, that's why Diablo is on life support right now took 3 years to get 2 minor content updates and one's not even out yet.
They have nerfed the stuff cuz they dont want all three buildings up all the time.

Instead they should just give us mobs that give rep. DEMONS are the legion, and I am not getting any rep for Legionfall by slaying the legion.
Was ActiBlizz sold to NCSoft or Nexon while we werent looking?

God forbid that. They've butchered AO enough, i can't even imagine what those dumb!@#$s could do to WoW.
Its because, without the flying wheel to run on, very few people will be doing their broken shore "content". Even now, I am barely there, I do the WQs, a couple rares, the new 'invasions' and then I log off. Only takes me about an hour and half at best. I wont even waste my time doing it on alts. Unless they want to pull the legendary cloak/ring nonsense and completely remove the class mount quest after legion is over. I will wait until some other expansion and do what I did for the Shaohao rep, which was grind a little here and there until I get the mount.
Capped @ 100 chests a day.
GG Blizz, GG.
04/07/2017 10:21 PMPosted by Soulofursoc
This was a gift to a select group of insiders.

Seriously? You could have watched the same PTR videos I watched and read the same patch notes I read.
04/11/2017 04:16 PMPosted by Sixpack
Capped @ 100 chests a day.
GG Blizz, GG.

so that means you get 200-800 supplies which is like 2- 8x 150 rep from JUST chests. then their are the rare spawns that cycle through the day and quests and with disrupter up you can spawn your own rares endlessly... how is this not enough rep for people?.

side note I did not farm anywhere near 100 chests a day and flying came quite quickly. just do your quests including the pet ones and champ missions at 200% and farm rares and such you will get flying before you know it...

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