Glad cutoffs...

03/27/2017 05:07 PMPosted by Timelørd
It's rich seeing all the noob rsham demo boomy players freak out

I'm ele.
03/27/2017 05:07 PMPosted by Timelørd
It's rich seeing all the noob rsham demo boomy players freak out

rmp too
An estimate off by 20 points sounds pretty good to me.

They didn't promise you prophecy.

They should just release hard ladder data over "estimates" but every salty, ungrateful post like this should be downvoted to oblivion so Blizzard doesn't get discouraged from trying to engage with the playerbase in the future.
i guess with this method they should have reworded it
'cutoff prediction is x we will re-evaluate and update on the last day'

instead of trying to predict the last week entirely and then random dropping an update
the numbers are super unpredicable
last season horde glad was something like high 23xx when the 2 week notice came out
it jumped almost 200 points, 50? or 60? points on the last night alone
Same thing happened with arena mate in season 1. Glad cut offs were like 2505, then the day before they were like, "uh yeah, we adjusted them to be more accurate." And it changed to 2555 which is the exact rating I was. I chose to sit the day before and didn't have any friends on to push the last night. And the real cut offs were higher than that. Missed glad by 1 win. Feels bad
03/28/2017 07:31 AMPosted by Steeroidz
Missed glad by 1 win. Feels bad

Same thing happened to me last season. I was 2551 on horde. I was alliance earlier in the season at 2500. I would have sat, but the cut off was so unsure just like it is this season. It's really stressful not knowing where you stand.
Best thing to do is always prepare to be available to play last day.

Get any work you have to do ahead of time, etc.

Only advice I can really give :(
I fully expected cutoff prediction to change the last day, I feel others should have expected it as well knowing how the game works. We are just lucky that blizzard actually did keep us updated theres like 10 forum posts from zero time glads sitting at the previous prediction who all managed to get to the new one.
Pro tip. Stop caring about dumb titles.... enjoy life a bit more. You're not going to be able to pick up chicks or get a job with your Glad or R1 title.

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