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I apologize in advance if this topic has been answered. I skimmed through the first 2 pages and blue posts and didn't see this mentioned, so redirection to an answered post is fine.

Basically I want to know if there is functionality for using temporary buffs on our minions (greater and lesser) and champions on the legion app.

I am referring to things like Kira's Healthstone (which restores one troop vitality) or Meatball's Burp Item (which increases champion success chance by 20% for one mission). I can equip my followers with items in my bag, and improve their ilvl, but there does not seem to be functionality for this.

Am I missing the function, is it in future development, or are there no plans to integrate this. In all other respects I prefer setting up missions on my app, but this one thing makes me need to log on to do missions, which dramatically reduces the utility for me since acquiring Meatball.

Thanks in advance for any help.
This is something that's needed an answer for a while. Especially since it's the main mechanic of some classes' order halls.
They really need to add this to the app, those +20% chance buff items are really useful.
Also not being able to activate the 2 new Krokul troops when you have them in your bags/bank.

I would find it useful to use those one-time buffs for vitality or success chance increase.

Having to get in the game to do these things before starting missions kind of defeats the purpose of the remote companion app.
Yes, please do this.
Bumping - can we please have some sort of response to this? These are legitimate issues/questions. Why can't these buff items be applied via the app? Is there any intention of updating the app to include them?
hello, hello, is this thing on? ;)
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hello, hello, is this thing on? ;)

that's not my mic ;-)

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