[H]<Seventh Heaven> GMT+8 3/9 H TOS SG

[H]<Seventh Heaven> GMT+8 3/9 H TOS casual Singapore guild recruiting all roles.

Group of experienced raiders who raided together for 9 mths.

Raiding twice a week, Wed/Mon GMT+8 9pm - 12mn (SVT 11-2am)
Optional Sundays 9pm N TOS

High Priority:
Heals: Mistweaver Monk

Running the occasional mythic+ keystones and lower tier raids. All social/ casual SG peeps looking for kopitiam talk welcome too!

PST illara/send a mail to find out more or leave ur ign here. Come join us lah!
still LFM!
Still looking for new members, high priority on tanks and RDPS
still looking for new mates,

particularly rDPS, new tanks and heals
still searching for more to join our merry band of men (and woman)
still looking for new mates!
may do mythic if we have numbers on mondays
still seeking new mates!
still seeking mates!
still seeking new mates!
still seeking new mates!
still seeking new mates. actively recruiting so we might attempt mythic NH before TOS hits
Recruiting MW monk!
9/9 N 3/9 H recruiting!
recruiting heals!
Hello! I'm interested in potentially joining your guild; i'm currently an ilvl 917 Mistweaver monk (exclusively atm); I am 8/9N but have seen videos on all non-mythic fights and have been playing the game since WotLK and this account since Cataclysm. I don't have exact parses but I know I have pulled 500k+ on every fight at least once and average 400-500k usually.

I currently live in Hawaii but work nights, so your times are great for me! I have played on Oceanic servers before and don't mind switching and love a social, friendly, mostly casual environment especially raiding, mythic keystones, and legacy raids! Not much of a PvPer though.

If you're interested I'd love to run a trial run with you and your guild sometime, let me know!

Btag since I'm still Thrall;

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