[H]Group of 900+ players LF mythic guild

Hi friends,

We have about 5-8 mythic ready players looking to continue raiding and progressing plus a couple more that would like to join as social/casual members for M+ and heroic clears.
Looking for a fun, friendly environment with dedicated players who want to keep progressing. Ideally 2-3 nights per week somewhere between 7-11pm AEST. Current level of progression isn't a big deal as long as there's mythic to be done.

Mythic players are a Brewmaster Monk, Frost Mage, Ret Paladin, Resto Shaman, Boomkin Druid, Frost DK and Demo Lock.

Most are around 905 ilevel (all are 895+), 40+ traits, 2/10M experience and all raid ready and eager to progress!

If interested feel free to message either Cösmic or myself in-game, on B.Net or reply here!

Hey Puttolol,

[H] <Slack> is a semi-hardcore guild focused on relaxed but strong Mythic progression on Barthilas. Right now we are searching for a Tank (either Monk or Warrior), strong DPS and Healers (Priest and Shaman) to fill our core roster for Nighthold and going forward into Tomb of Sargeras!

We also accept social/casual members who are interested in M+ (we always have groups running almost every night) and Heroic Nighthold (we hold these on Thursday).

Raid Times
Wednesday/Sunday/Monday 6:30-9:30PM AEST/SVT
With Thursday being an extra night during progression or an optional night.

Guild Progression
7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV and 4/10M NH (progressing on Spellblade)

If you are interested and would like to know more information, you can contact our recruitment officer, Apples#1932.

You can also contact one of the other following officers: Hyjax#6503 (GM), Swindle#1203 (Melee), Shardstorm#6251 (Ranged) or luxity#1261 (Healing).

or apply @ https://goo.gl/forms/TyQLiOpot69BurOz1

If <Slack> isn't the right fit for you, no worries and good luck with your search for a new home!
About us:

Well Equipped is a guild on Barthilas, consisting of ex-hardcore raiders looking to have a chill time doing legion content. Our current progress is 5/10 mythic NH - 7/7 Mythic EN - 2/3 Mythic ToV.


Chill raid, kill boss, get loots.


- OT tank role available (Bear/Brewmaster)

Holy Pally
R Sham

S Priest
Frost DK

Raid times
Wed, Thurs, Mon
8:30-11:30pm (GMT+10, AEST)

If you're interested in joining contact Mightybulk#6352, Eleanor#1630
Also accepting skilled casuals/subs. We do plenty of H NH and N NH clears as well for alts and casuals.
Have sent bnet requests.
Hey Puttolol, I’m Shara the gm of <Zero Empathy> 7/7M 10/10H 3/10M and we are recruiting reliable players for our core team. Our raid times/days are wed, thurs, mon 7pmST-10pm. We are about being efficient in our raiding hours while maintaining a nontoxic raiding environment. We also have an active mythic plus community inside the guild that is growing and a second raiding team (10/10H) that raids on wed, fri, sun 7pmST- 10pm If this interests you contact me at:
Here is more information about us:
Our Website: http://zero-empathy.gamerlaunch.com/
Thanks, Have a wonderful day :)

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