[H]<Gundibabe> 10/10M LF dps!

Of May 24th 2017, Gundibabe has stopped raiding. Thanks for coming by though!

Gundibabe is an Australian based raiding guild looking to recruit additional mythic raiders for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras. As a guild, Gundibabe is the perfect blend of high performance in a friendly and relaxing environment. We cleared Mythic Emerald Nightmare with no stress or drama and are looking to continue raiding the same Gundi-way in Nighthold. Current progress; 7/7M 2/3M 10/10M.

Raid Times (Server Time)
Wed/Thurs/Sun: 8PM - 11:30PM

Currently Recruiting (ToS):

Guild Expectations

Raiders are expected to show up on time to each raid or let an officer know that they will be late/unable to attend.
Have everything you need to raid ready by raid time, gear, talents, food, flasks etc.
Friendly attitude towards others.
Good performance in your chosen role and spec.

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact me (Ether#12618). We can have a chat and see if Gundibabe is the place for you. As part of the application process we will look through logs to get a general idea at your current performance or trends in performance. Don't be intimidated by that, this exchange of information should always be a two way street, so feel free to look through our logs.


If your role or spec is not listed under the current recruitment section, but you feel you are exceptional, feel free to add me anyways and inquire. Looking forward to raiding with you! :)
Just need 1 strong melee dps! Rogue/Fury Warrior pref!
you guys interested in an undead destruction lock?
04/19/2017 10:31 PMPosted by Fdkljsghdlfk
you guys interested in an undead destruction lock?
Nah only goblin warlocks lul xd
Recruiting exceeeeeptional raiders for ToS. :>
I heard that disclosed and yarz give free wristies to each new member, is this true?

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