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Between these two nelf ladies, who do you hate more? Why?
If I could log in, I would be able to tell you OP.
Tyrande, at least Maiev is consistent.
Tyrande. She wouldn't shut up about Malfurion through a good portion of the Val'sharah zone. It felt awkward.

Maiev may be a stalker but at least I don't cringe whenever she talks about Illidan.
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Eh, I don't hate either of them.

I do find Tyrande overall bland. Aside from the whole devotion to Malfurion and Elune, with a side of "for her people", she doesn't seem to have much personality.

I find Maiev more interesting lore-wise, but even she seems to have just a few personality points ticked off and little else.

Can you imagine either of them spending some spare time on a hobby? Can you imagine them with friends they go and hang out with? They're 10,000 year old night elves and they have less of a "life" than most people who play the game to know who they are have.
Maiev is one of the most insane characters in the lore. She hates the Horde, but also all non-night elf members of the Alliance, and she also hates the Sentinels, and the Druids, and...well, pretty much everyone who's not a Warden. In Wolfheart she begins gruesomely murdering Highborne and Worgen, then volunteers to investigate the killings (that she is committing) on behalf of Darnassus.

She then captures Malfurion, not to kill him but to keep him forever captive in her underground sex dungeon until he dies of old age since she blames him for the decay of night elf society and the end of their immortality. She is only foiled because her brother Jarod discovers she's batty and frees Malfurion.

TL;DR Maiev is a nutjob
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Edit: omg screw op
Lol, I saw what you wrote before you edited. Made me chuckle.
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Edit: omg screw op
Lol, I saw what you wrote before you edited. Made me chuckle.

You rude.
I love them. You rude. Jeebus.
I find them both obnoxious, for different reasons.

Maiev, however, can at least be given a job and sent away. Tyrande remains an unflinching mountain of irritation.

Seriously, nelves should get a new leader...
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You rude.
I love them. You rude. Jeebus.

There there /hug

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TL;DR Maiev is a nutjob

No, you.
Tyrande is worthless arm candy...and not even good arm candy at that (her model is ridiculous). She is not a very strong leader, not a very effective mate and not anything like she was portrayed in the books. In short she is WAY overblown especially considering who she is supposed to be.

Tyrande because she refuses to share her heels.

Tyrande is just all around annoying.

At least 30% of Maiev's annoyance is in some way because of Tyrande.
What if I don't hate either? They both have a few cliches in their personality, but I find them to be overall likable characters.
Tyrande cause i don't like her voice. Especially when she yells.
Tyrande thinks sleeping nearby while he left her completely alone to lead their people so she could watch him sleep makes Malfurion a good husband.

Definitely her. She is the exact opposite of a strong self sufficient woman.
For the thread, I hate Tyrande more. She's self-righteous and racist like Maiev, but without the delicious insanity or rage (and her hypocrisy is ignored by the narrative, like Illidan's). She's also cringier and lacks any character flaws that I personally find engaging.
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not a very effective mate

Look dude you can't hold infertility against her
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Between these two nelf ladies, who do you hate more? Why?

Maiev sounds like an old whiny hag.

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