[H]<Boned> LF range DPS

Muradin and Nordrassil
[H]<Boned> looking for dedicated players to fill open raid spots. We raid Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7pm est. We are currently 10/10 regular Nighthold and 10/10 Heroic Nighthold. If interested please contact myself, Tyerris, Treèluv , Jrbaconcheez, or Beardo. We are also accepting those that are still leveling and casual players. We constantly push mid to high level mythic+ content, farm former raids for AP and other quest items casually. We are a large group of friends that know each other in real life in some form. We've all also did some form of progression raiding in past expansions. Now our goal is to experience the content casually but try to also challenge ourselves to harder content. Our average guild age is about 35 for those that are curious.
<Boned> is seeking the aid of an already geared Warlock for our raid team as well as a couple range DPS. See original post for more raid times and contacts.
<Boned> Is currently 9/9 and 3/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. Still looking for 1 strong DPS.

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