Outlaw is sitting at around 0.49%-0.69% per point of a stat

Stat Weight for Outlaw
Agility: 1.00
Versatility: 0.69
Critical Strike: 0.58
Mastery: 0.54
Haste: 0.49

Stat weight for Subtlety
Agility: 1.00
Mastery: 0.90
Versatility: 0.81
Critical Strike: 0.75
Haste: 0.71

Stat weight for Assassin
Agility: 1.00
Mastery: 0.86
Versatility: 0.70
Critical Strike: 0.63
Haste: 0.46

Any particular reason why we have nearly half the stat benefits than our other specs?
Because everybody complained about Auto Attack being the highest source of damage from rogues so blizzard decided to put it in the bin, and as a result the only good stats combat/outlaw ever had to increase their damage (haste/mastery) became useless. But after changing auto attack damage they didn't give outlaw a lever for their damage like Sin/Sub have with their masteries.

On top of that outlaw gains a huge stat value from Roll the Bones, diminishing the value of these stats on gear.
Your stat weights are very unlikely to mimic that of the copy-paste template from Icy Veins, you should probably sim yourself first before making a complaint like this, using the figures you get from that.
Stat weights are highly variable. The goal of tuning is to ensure that the weights stay reasonable, and that the combined multipliers remains sane over the ilvl variance of a given tier.

Tuning for each and every possibility isn't just impractical, it is an impossible endevour with so many degrees of freedom. The combinatorics make it impossible to know such a thing.

Regardless, one should compare against an invariant between the specs. The only invariant stat is versatility. It the only one with a constant scalar dps value per point of rating.

Rescaling using that metric we get:

Stat Weight for Outlaw
Agility: 1.00 = 1.44
Versatility: 0.69 = 1
Critical Strike: 0.58 = .84
Mastery: 0.54 = .78
Haste: 0.49 = .71

Stat weight for Subtlety
Agility: 1.00 = 1.23
Mastery: 0.90 = 1.11
Versatility: 0.81 = 1
Critical Strike: 0.75 = .93
Haste: 0.71 = .88

Stat weight for Assassin
Agility: 1.00 = 1.42
Mastery: 0.86 = 1.23
Versatility: 0.70 = 1
Critical Strike: 0.63 = .90
Haste: 0.46 = .65

We can more easily see that all secondary stats are relatively devalued for outlaw, which makes sense because of RtB. But, to be fair, one never really knows why a stat weight is the way it is. They are very misbehaved creatures. Quantifying the exact mechanical contribution behind a stat is rarely done. So we all kinda handwave it a bit based on what makes intuitive sense. When you hear someone say, intuitive, read: guess.

Haste for outlaw is 70% relative to vers, but I'd put that right near where below that I'd say there is an issue. Mind, if haste were higher value for outlaw, that would mean even higher apm, and it is already pretty high, especially at peak. With the apm consideration, that doesn't seem so bad IMO.

The one that really stands out to me as an issue is haste for assassination. Mind, if you are bleed spec, mastery takes a nosedive as well, which is even more problematic because it means the vast majority of gear that is possible will not be "viable".

So I guess the real question is do you care about relative stat values here? in which case, its not so bad. It could be better, but it's not bad.

Or are you using stat weights to argue that outlaw should do more damage. In that case, I don't believe this is ideal metric to argue your case. Direct measures of dps on actual fights would be more appropriate IMO.

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