My Issues with Flying

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My only issue with flying is that flying in Val'Sharah can be kind of annoying because of all the tall trees, and you have to fly really high to fly above it.

But other than that, every zone looks absolutely gorgeous with flying.

Oh wait, no point telling it to these forums since 99% of the forums is people who can't fly, because all they do it complain, whine, and cry "WAAHHHH I WANT FLYING NOW WAHHH BLIZZ," instead of actually doing the work necessary for it.

Truth hurts. Flying doesn't. :)
Dang. You showed them.
My issue is that on my alt with herbing/mining it takes even longer to get anywhere cause every 10 seconds there's something to grab.
My issue with flying is that mobs cannot attack me while I'm in the air.
I think most people's gripe with flying, is the work involved to get it, is work that shouldn't exist. Flying should be unlocked at max level, or even as a compromise, whatever Loremaster achievement for the current xpac.

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