Mythic Tank

Hey guys,

7/10 Mythic Exp Tank looking for a new raiding guild. For current Content and ToS.

I main a Prot Pally with a blood DK Alt.

7/7m Aotc in EN

Currently on Jubei'Thos - H, But will be willing to move for a good fit. Most probally looking at Barth.

Either message here or add me in btag to discuss further.


Logs available if needed. Can make most raid times.
Still looking
Hey there!

ZE's <Infinite Apathy> is looking to bolster its ranks for Mythic NH and in preparation for ToS, 1/10M Team with a 3/10M lead currently seeking all exceptional Players! also have room for casual members for Mythic + :)

Raid nights are
-Weds:/7pm-10pm SVT
-Fri:/7pm-10pm SVT
-Sun:/7pm-10pm SVT

My bnet is Skargrim#1387! feel free to add me and have a chat! :)
Hello Redmicrowave,

<Tauren Where It Counts> is a newly formed guild on barthilas, that's currently filling its raid roster for competitive ToS progression. Our raiders all have mythic NH exp and have been in AoTC raid teams since mid Cata. We Run quite a lot of M+ and are generally social players who are always up for a chat and or gaming interactions.

We raid 9-12PM (Server Time) Thursday/Monday.

We look forward to further discussing this if its of interest to you ingame and or via btag (Rofliemao#1408)

Langarde - <TWIC>

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