<Part Time Raiders>!Weekend! DPS

Realm: Cenarius (Alliance)
Guild: Part Time Raiders

7/7 EN- N, 7/7 EN- H
3/3 ToV- N, 3/3 ToV- H
10/10 N-NH, 10/10 H-NH
9/9 N- ToS, 9/9 H- ToS
11/11 N-A, 11/11 H-A

We are seeking causal raiders that enjoy to raid, pvp, mythic +, achievements and quest with bad corny senses of humor. We are accepting all dps roles at the moment, but encourage members to be able to play multiple roles as we do like to run alt raids on off days. We're currently building our raid team for BFA. Tank and healer spots are full but we are taking dps to bulk up our roster.

Needing the MOST atm:

We look for members, that has amazing attendance, great potential, fast learner to join our progression team. We understand real life happens, and are flexible with attendance however we are in need in consistent raiders that hardly miss to build up our core group.

Progression raiding is Fri/Sat 9:30-12:30 eastern. Alt raid Sun 7:30-10:30 eastern. We also do mythic and mythic+ throughout the week.

We use Discord for voice chat.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Emzie (Emzie#1659) or Eilindara (Eilindara#1850) !


We got Guldan! Now are 10/10 H!

We will be farming content to keep gearing up. We are still searching for range dps and a healer with dps Offspec to round out our group.
We are recruiting RANGE dps, DPS w/ healer offspec, and DPS with serious Tank offspec. Vacation time is soon, need swings so we can keep the raiding going!
Still in Need for:
DPS w/ heal or tank offspec

LF people that enjoy playing more than 1 spec. We'll work with you to get geared if you are low on ilvl, if you show awesome potential!
Updated for LFM and for killing pesky Helya on heroic!
Bumping for Tomb! Come ready to raid with a great group of individuals!

Range Dps and Dps with Tank offspec is needed most!
Need more DPS for Tomb progression
Bump! We are now 2/9 H ToS. Still looking for ranged dps.
Need more DPS!

3/9 H now!
We're now 4/9 H!

Need more DPS with ilvl 895+!
We are now 6/9 H!!!

Still in need for more dps!
H-Maiden down!! Off to Avatar!
H- Avatar is down! Still could use a few dps to round out our team!
We're looking for more dps for the next raid in November!
up we go!
Update for progression
No Roles needed Except Exceptional Players. Roster is full :D
Bump for updated information

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