[H] <Tonka> 10/11M Antorus recruitment thread

Auchindoun, Cho'gall, and Laughing Skull
[H] <Tonka> 10/11M Antorus recruiting DPS for possible core positions. Currently seeking reliable Ranged DPS, with open trials for strong Melee DPS and Healer players. Casual players always welcome.

Weds 6:30-9:30pm (Normal Antorus - optional attendance)
Fri/Sat 6:30pm-9:30pm (Farm/Progression) server time (CST)

WARRIOR - (dps) closed
PALADIN - Retribution, open
MONK - Windwalker, open
PRIEST - Shadow, Discipline (flex player) open HIGH PRIORITY
SHAMAN - Elemental, open
ROGUE - closed
MAGE - open, low priority
WARLOCK - open, low priority
HUNTER - open

If interested, please whisper, add to battle.net, or send in-game mail to one of the following:
Empioz-LaughingSkull (Empio#1344)
Bormes-LaughingSkull (BORMES#1507)
Deathrip-LaughingSkull (Cheezydilla#1708)
Dijereedoo-LaughingSkull (Dijereedoo#1118)
Where all my warlock homies at?!
Updated class prefs! Now looking to recruit a DK/rogue as well!
Bunch of tryhards booting in normal maw. What is that about? Wasting my time for no reason.
Not sure what you're talking about my man, but our guild recruitment post isn't the place to talk about it

You can whisper me in game if you want
Still need a DK? Looking to find a mythic raiding guild on Laughingskull/Chogall.
Possibly, hit me up in game and we can talk
Hello. I'm a MW main WW offspec. I'm interested in getting into raiding. I have a strange schedule and I was wondering if you ever do any late night raiding on Thursdays or Fridays?
Thursdays we generally don't do organized raids. Fridays we raid from 6:30-9:30pm, as well as Saturdays.
Updated class preferences! Looking for a moonkin/ele shaman and also a monster DH!
Experienced warlocks welcome! Gear is not an issue, if you can play your class well and learn quickly, we'll gear you.
I was talking to one of your officers last night and I didn't know you needed locks and mages i have both classes that are over 900Ilvl
Feel free to send us a message in game if you'd like to talk to us about it
Could really use a strong hunter! Open trials also available for other dps classes & healers.
Updated pref's, now looking to recruit an experienced WW monk, fury warrior, or havoc DH!
Updated prefs! Looking for strong ranged dps players!
im 3/11Mxp on ally me and my friend wanna raid hes a pvp war arms hes a 4x gladiator and I main mw monk been playing it since MOP and my horde mw is 968.9 ilvl we are wanting to raid in BFA add if interested Shawna#11556 - or I do have other healers I use to play hpriest as well which was 4/9m TOS

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