[A]Distortion NZT, Team2, 9/11M Ant, LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Distortion are currently recruiting for Mythic Legion Progression. This guild was created in 2008 and are still going strong. OCE: Caelestrasz/Nagrand


Currently Recruiting:

1x Healer. All Considered.
1x Tank.
2x DPS

All sports are core. with a rotational bench.

6.00pm - 9.00pm AEST (8.30pm - 11.00pm NZT)
(currently starting at 6:30pm due to a few having burnout)

If you would like to apply please visit our website:


Use my Btags:
Guild Master :: Logbo#1398

Team 1 Recruitment:
come join us. two nights a week. Free MEAT PACK after two weeks in the guild. Sorry Vegans.
Prog. Spellblade dead.
Looking for more.
Looking for ranged DPS
Ranged DPS 6 - 9 pm server Thursday - Monday. DO IT
sometimes we wipe alot.
sometimes we dont. its ok.
raiding is fun.
LF Ranged DPS
new Prog boss dead. bot phase 3 looks easy....
LF - Boomkin / Warlock / Demon Hunter / Rogue / Monk
looking for all DPS
Looking for Resto Druid. / Ranged DPS
Looking for ranged DPS for TOS.
ranged dps / shammy or druid heals
REsto shammy / Ranged DPS
Looking for a couple of ranged / Healers for ToS
LF ranged DPS / Healer
LF All except Tanks. 6 - 9 pm Server!
High Priority:
Resto Sham / Disc Priest
All DPS - 2/3 core spots available
KJ Dead, Still looking for raiders above.
DPS DPS DPS. Core spots available
Ranged DPS core spots open. for mythic prog.

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