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1a) Given that class design has been one of, if not the single greatest, source of dissatisfaction for the players in this expansion: has the seeming change in direction with talent tree design from what we were sold during the Cata - MoP redesign, been intentional or inadvertent?

1b) Fun, playstyle choices have become instead choices about which basic parts of our role (e.g. AoE or ST) we want to be competent at, or even worse are used to shore up fundamental flaws in our basic kit - and gradually we are slipping back toward those absolutely mandatory for basic functionality talents and always right or always wrong performance increases. Has there been any discussion of a course correction?

"Fundamentally, taking into account what we’ve learned about talent trees over the years, we’ve come to the conclusion that the talent tree model where you pick up tiny performance increases here and there (and where there’s, mathematically, nearly always a ‘right’ answer and a ‘wrong’ answer) is not a great model. The Mists talent design is a major revamp that should fix this problem once and for all. Talents should be meaningful game-changers. At absolute worst a given talent may be the right one only situationally, and at best, players will have a lot more customization to make their play-style stand out." (Quote from Greg Street's Cata post mortem for context, emphasis mine)
Can we get a memorial NPC for Hayven?
7.2 was described as one of the biggest patches in the history of the game. Against what measurement was that claim made?
The artifact power numbers seem to be getting out of control. We're in the hundres of millions for trait 45+. Are you guys planning on doing any rescaling?
You always talk about designing things that are fun. One of the most fun things for me is being able to play different roles at a high level of performance depending whats needed or the most helpful.

Prior to legion i could freely switch specs and maybe a few pieces of gear(trinkets) and be able to play that spec without hindering my performance.

with the AP system it has really made switch specs a lot less fun for myself and others. I'd honestly rather each level in my artifact take more ap to unlock but have it unlock for all 3 specs that way i could freely switch when needed. Legendarys already have you locked to a spec enough we don't need the level of our weapons to as well.

so is there any chance we'd be able to see AP lvls simply unlock for your character and not your weapon? ie: i have 20 lvls unlocked on my priest so i can put 20 points into w/e weapon im using.
Since the question of undead/forsaken paladins happening or not was not answered (well) at blizzcon 2016 can you provide a definite answer to this question now (i really hope its a 'No' to undead paladins)?
Why doesn't anyone address MM hunters when they had a 1k post thread on the class dev forums?
Any plans to address the large ongoing demand to either completely enable or disable traits in rated PvP?
When is Ilvl scaling being reverted, and why is it taking so long for an update on this issue?
Is it true that there is mob scalling with ilvl and if so dont you think its unfair towards geared players who are basically being punished for having great gear?
The new feasts and crafted legendaries were a welcome addition to patch 7.2

Looking forward, can you reveal any profession-related plans for patch 7.2.5 and beyond-- such as epic gems, bigger bags, belt buckles, or raising the ilvl cap on crafted gear?
Are there plans to add a portal to the Broken Shore in the mage class hall. Seems rather strange and noticeable. Should be possible since the main hub has mages holding portals open.
Can Doomwalkers loot be added to the new Timewalker World Bosses? Is he planned for later?
The current state of tanking is concerning for many. Specifically, the Protection Warrior community has provided a ton of feedback with little in return. Can you go into depth about the thoughts about the current place of Prot Warriors and what changes are necessary to give them a fighting chance moving forward? Has any of the feedback provided resonated with the team? Unfortunately we've been in the dark since our spec/rotation changes before 7.1.5.
Any chance we'll see a system through which we can destroy other items to add some small amount of their stat to our currently equipped items?

It'd be somewhat like reforging but it would require you to have an item of lower ilvl that has the desired stat?

I know a lot of us miss reforging but we all know that reforging caused issues.

This would make gathering lower ilvl gear fun and even exciting by giving us a chance of getting another +speed or +leech to add to our currently Best In Slot gear.

I know if I was out doing World Quests and I saw another ilvl 855 item that I have no use for because even if it was super upgraded it likely wouldn't beat what I have equipped. But if I had the chance to get an ilvl 855 pair of boots for instance with +speed or +leech or something, that would be genuinely interesting because I could carry forward a point of that to my currently equipped gear.
Will you gave a tribute to Hayven Games who died of cancer? He did amazing content for Wow such as it's history of development and his video was published to his channel that he died of cancer. There has also been petition for you to add him and I will link his channel and the petition in the description. I'm gonna miss him and his videos that he did for Wow.
Can you give us back on use affects in Battlegrounds/Arenas? I understand why u would turn it of for Rated Battlegrounds/Arenas. But for some of us players want to twink at different levels.
What is your opinion on the unholy death knight golden trait, black claws? Most DKs are unhappy with it.
On the 7.2.5 PTR, some AOE nerfs were announced for Windwalker Monks. While there's no questioning that our AOE is very strong, we're in dire need of help in single target fights. Many of us are concerned that the buffs we're receiving won't justify the seemingly heavy-handed nerfs to our kits. Can we expect further compensation or something of the sort?
Gonna ask the same thing I ask every Q&A: are there any plans to add a new batch of haircuts/facial features to the barber shop?. Thanks

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