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My first character was a hunter, I was the epitome of all hunter stereotypes (I used the int staff in WC FOREVER) I eventually upgraded to the STR polearm from ST, lol. I needed every weapon and I wore an amalgamation of spirit/int/str gear (no agi).

The worst part was I always forgot to feed my pets, so they would constantly abandon me, I remember asking my guild if anyone had Fish for my cat cause his hunger was in the red. Back then the lower it got the less damage they did, if it went long enough they'd legit leave you.... so many lost pets....
I think that was when I kept trying to give Mark of the Wild to the semi-unhealthy individual who was standing on the path outside Crossroads. For some reason it didn't seem to be taking, and the Rejuvenate I threw didn't seem to do anything either.

Then the Alliance skull caster who I'd been trying to help out took a break from killing Crossroads mobs and ran over and gave me a hug.

Apart from that, I would say dying to the elevator boss during Battle for the Undercity was the most humiliating. I felt like Thrall and Sylvanas and all the grunts were laughing at me. Some hero of the Horde I was.
When I first started playing I rolled a gnome mage thinking it was the class that got that "blue/purple elemental looking thing"

I managed to struggle and get to level 7 before I asked another player when I get it. I was hit with the truth so hard I ended up deleting the character. I created another mage down the road though.

On my hunter I mostly killed leper gnomes to gain xp & level up. Managed to aggro everything in sight and died for hours. I made it all the way to level 11 before I found out my brother and other family member played on a different server. I was wondering why it kept saying "Character not found" when I tried adding them as friends.

Another time when I created my first rogue I didn't fully understand what combo points did until I got to dustwallow marsh. I was thinking, "Why do my abilities sometimes hit so hard? >_>"

I was also extremely scared to go out in the world in fear of being attacked by another player. I would only kill mobs extremely close to my friendly base and leveled that way until I hit 70 on my mage. Even if the mobs were green :(... If I'd see a horde in the distance I'd be out of there in a flash.
When my guild was running Naxxramas in Wrath, my guild leader asked what rotation I was using, and I had no idea what he was talking about.
Vanilla: I got so hopelessly lost in undercity that I deleted the character and swore to never make an undead again (I still hate going to undercity!)

Vanilla: Tried to do bgs on a level 10 tauren hunter with no pet, almost an entire set of broken gear, and a FISHING POLE for a weapon. Why the broken gear and fishing pole?
I was so terrified of the kodo groups as a kid that i'd run away from the comp and left my character to die multiple times to kodos >_> I couldnt quest and make money and eventually all my gear started breaking. I dont even remember WHAT my reasoning was behind buying the fishing pole instead of fixing my gear, I was a dumb kid.

BC: Was leveling a blood elf warlock, and a random blood elf walked up to me and gave me 1 gold just for being a blood elf.
Well, I shared an account with my hardcore raiding dad, and little me got the idea that if my dad saw me walking around WITH AN ENTIRE GOLD PIECE, he'd think I was stealing from his main and not let me play WoW again. I was terrified! I would get so nervous when my dad played because I didnt want him to check out my character. I think he suspected something was up but never asked. I told him the story years later and he had a good laugh over it.

Mists: We were going to start our sha of pride attempt for the night, and my raid lead told us not to pull so she could explain the tactics to us again.
Well...I was tuning the convo out a bit, and all that registered in my head was the word "pull". So I threw a living bomb on the boss and wiped us all xD
Seeing the flight master in Gadge, walking up and clicking on him, then getting waxed by him. He was the Alliance flight master . . .

The warrior that would be tank: Using defensive stance to survive longer in my first UBRS raid(yes it used to be a raid) and getting hammered because I pulled agro too much.

Semper Fi!
Putting a glass on my keyboard to keep running towards something when I had to run a long way. Almost cried when I learned there was an autorun

Continuously dying in the water as a warlock and druid, still manage this one even now
My first toon was a priest. I leveled as holy because i wanted to be a healer. I hated the higher end dungeons and healing raids because everyone was so clumped together. I would ask if everyone could spread out a little so i could click them easier. Thats when the raid informed me that i could select each player using the group or raid frames instead of trying to click on their character lol. Oh man that made healing so much easier.
During WotLK, I used to Paladin i got into my very first Guild raid which was Ruby Sanctum.

I used Blessing of Protection on Tank during boss fight because i wanted to protect him. Yeah, we wiped
i leveled to 70 without knowing there was a faster ground mount speed back in BC. 60% honestly felt quick back then lol
My first run through the deadmines was pretty damn embarrassing.

Actually, not so much the run itself, but getting there. I had all kinds of trouble finding the instance entrance and kept dying.

I was an example of somebody who had played Blizzard's games a lot, but not MMOs. So certain things about the MMO experience were new to me at the time.

Those early experiences actually make for some good memories, looking back.
I used to swap to unholy to get to Bosses faster after wipes in raids, only problem is I forgot to swap back to Blood Presence before pulling bosses.

Guild Healer - Beastly your getting Smashed are you in Blood Presence ?

Beastly - Err I am now. . . . .

To this day I still get asked if I'm in Blood Presence if I'm getting smashed by a mechanic.

Ohh and I didn't know until the start of Legion that you can Left Shift + Left Click to collect every item in each mail instead of going into the mail and clicking on every item. . . . boy did I feel silly.
When I first started I played a hunter (And hai, playing a hunter again) and ran Deadmines for the first time. Had growl on, and pulled all the mobs because I thought they were going to be easy as questing mobs. I got yelled by a lot, but a Tauren dude defended me for being new and all.

Then came level 55 and made a Death Knight as most do. Throughout questing and even end game I was under the impression that the more health you have= the better you are. So as a Frost spec I went Blood Presence.

I still do dumb stuff so eh, still fun times.
Months ago, I was very eager to see what was in my M+ box. I waited around for like 20-30 minutes until it reset.

Upon the reset happening, I couldn't open the box! D:

I proceeded to question and complain as to why that was in trade chat.

Then people, many of them, pointed out that it was Monday. Then the ridicule started >.>

I sat there for a moment kind of mystified I would make such a silly error. I then logged out.
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First time I braved lfr . Went in ready to kill stuffs. I had my blacksmith hammer equipped......Wondered why I was doing little to no damage. It was a while before I went back.

*laughs* I've shared most of mine already in other threads, but I can relate to this. There's nothing better than heading into a group situation and suddenly realizing that you're wearing your fishing gear and flailing around whacking mobs with a fishing pole. -_-

Other stuffs:

- Fallen off of the tree to my death while goofing off in Teldrassil.
- "Drowned" as a whisp while trying to get to my corpse in fatigue waters.
- Wiped a poor LFG dungeon party in The Nexus when I hit my Starfall button by mistake in the flower room. (I showed myself out the door after that one.)
- Lost track of the number of times I fell in the lava and died because I couldn't find the stupid ramp to climb out of it while in BRD.
- Accidentally clicked on a PvP flagged person while trying to access a vendor or mailbox.

Pretty standard stuff, really.
A guy I used to work for got me into the game with a recruit-a-friend option. So he used to put me on follow and allow me to quest while gaining bonus exp together.

Well not knowing he had another account he pops up on the mic and says "Hey! There is a horde flagged for pvp(I was a Night Elf Druid on Greymane). He said "type /pvp and whoop up on him."

Not knowing it was him he naturally kicked the crap out of me and laughed about it for a long time.

Not to mention not helping me with stats at all he allowed me to buy with honor points some intellect based season whatever weapon while I was feral. Since I sucked at the game it took me a long time to get those points. I still have the character and haven't finished leveling it since.
Every time I do a higher Mythic + in a dungeon where I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics.
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Every time I do a higher Mythic + in a dungeon where I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics.


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