New Player Looking for Horde Guilds

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hello everyone! I got into warcraft when a friend of mine decided to renew their subscription and I in turn decided to join them. Unfortunately we haven't had much opportunity to play together so I'm looking for a guild. So far I'm very interested in questing and dungeons, and would probably also enjoy raids when I get a character leveled up enough to join them. I've been particularly enjoying dungeons, although it frustrates me when I random queue that I don't get the opportunity to read the lore of the dungeon before the other random players charge ahead. I get that most of them have probably played these dungeons more times than they can count so I can't really blame them but it's still frustrating to me. Currently my schedule is very flexible, so I could potentially be available whenever, just need a heads up beforehand to make sure I can find time for things. I'm not particularly interested in PvP but if a guild were to try to help me get into it I could give it a shot. The only thing though I really won't tolerate in a guild is slur-slinging dudebros. If you're guild has too much of them I'll likely be out quick. With all that said and done, hope to hear from all you more experienced players soon!

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