LF Mythic Raiding Guild (x2 Healers)

Hi guys,

Just posting an expression of interest for any mythic raiding guilds that are currently looking for 2 healers (Resto Shaman, Resto Druid) that raid x2 days a week? we have viable alts/os that we can bring to the team if required. We are pretty versatile on what a team requires and willing to change to a different class/spec in a mythic environment, happy to tank, dps, heal.

I'm also happy to be sat as a backup if required.

Nukems: Resto Shaman, 904ilvl, 3/10M

Enhancement Shaman: 900ilvl
I can go Elemental if required.

Monk Brewmaster: 895ilvl
Disc Priest: 885ilvl (Willing to go Spriest)

Kuror: Resto Druid, 903ilvl, 3/10M
Mage Fire: 895ilvl

We also have 90%+ DPS/Tanks friends looking for guilds, so if anyone's creating a Guild? and has raiders from Mythic prog we would be interested, or guilds that have been around for awhile.

We've had some trouble finding the right guild for us due to the fact we play in a large friend group, but its getting to the point now were we can't enjoy the game due to having a lot of members always wanting to play with us. If we could find spots for everyone it would be great but that's just not the reality anymore that we live in. Guild hopped quite abit getting into Barthilus due to trying to find a team for myself and my friends, was in one guild for a longtime on Frostmourne.

my logs are set to public (Mythic/Heroic) feel free to check them out, majority of my logs for DPS/Heals are above 80% I would link them but Warcraftlogs is currently down for me.

Any questions please contact me on Battlenet: Nukems#1183

Hey there! <Vacuity> currently 3/10M 2 night raid guild (Wed/Mon 7.30-10pmST)
currently looking to expand our core team. Feel free to add Harro#1930 or Bewm#11753 and we'd like to have a chat and possibly work something out. Thanks!
Hey! <Indecent> is currently looking for a flexible dps that can swap to heals at any time. We'd gladly take you for our mythic progression team (currently 1/10m) to fill the remaining spots. We will be needing you to play ele shamen most of the time if possible. Feel free to add WarpZone#1160 or Schafferius#6410 if you're interested. We raid on Wednesday and Thursday 8-11pm server time.

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