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Arygos and Llane
<Equinox> is looking for casual raiders to join our Saturday evening raid 7-11PM EST. IF your tired of being LEFT OUT or being made to feel like your not good enough, come join us. Our raids are casual and fun and raiding is a great way to get some shiny new gear!

We are a family-friendly guild who welcomes players of all levels and experience. Our guild is made up of a good number of older folks many of which are parents and/or grandparents. However any one who agrees to our very few rules is welcome to join the fun! We WELCOME all altoholics, collectors, pet battlers, PVP'ers, newbies, casuals, and raiders.

Our Rules >> http://equinox.enjin.com/faq
Application >> http://equinox.enjin.com/recruitment
IF you are a mature gamer looking to play WoW in a family friendly social environment WE are looking for you!!
05/04/2017 04:04 PMPosted by Vervaine
For more information >> http://equinox.enjin.com/faq
Join us >> http://equinox.enjin.com/recruitment

So I was thinking of joining Equinox and had chatted a bit with someone in the group, and they mentioned the enjin site too. I just tried signing up there to access the FAQ/application page, but it keeps asking me to add my Arygos character. Most of my toons are on Llane, and I don't have any on Arygos... so I don't know how to get past that page. It keeps asking me to add my character or log out of the site, and since I don't have any Arygos toons, I'm not sure what I should do. Any help?

P.S. Battle.net seems to not have updated my current guild status - it says I'm in a guild, but I'm not. :-P :-)
Please join, I need more victims.. FRIENDS! I meant friends!
Bumping - and yes, I'm too lazy to switch to Barlafumble to bump <3

BUT I'm not too lazy to write you a poem!

Do you like to farm for pretty clothes,
or are you more into swords, staves and bows?
If you like these things, you won’t find us a bore,
because we like these things and more!

We like to explore and farm for that mount,
but we also run dungeons and do things that count.
We run dungeons for quests, skills and gear,
and to try alt specs without any fear.

And then there’s raiding - we do that, too!
(I pull all the things, am the first to step in poo.
If you knew me, you’d know that’s not a lie
I’m all about xmog – I look great when I die!)
This is so tempting!
You're welcome to put an alt in Equinox & meet the gang :)
I've been in Equinox since early September, and the group has been great! I'm more of a casual/social gamer, and everyone has been super-helpful with gear, mats, overall playing tips and time (in terms of helping me through dungeons and the like). I appreciate that my Equinox guildies let me enjoy WoW at my own pace - but they also have group activities for the more seasoned players. :-)

P.S. Nobody has asked me to write this... but I wanted to add a note here for other folks like me who might be getting back into the game after a loooong absence. ;-)
Are their any particular roles you guys are needing filled? I've just come back to the game (right after Thanksgiving of last year, BFA hype!) and seems Horde is either too hardcore for me, or dead. Thinking of rerolling Alliance on Arygos to increase my options.

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