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04/20/2017 10:21 PMPosted by Soulslayer
People who ask for necromancers piss me off. All it's gonna do is pretty much make it to the point they should delete unholy from dk. Seriously DKs are walking talking necromancers in solid plate. What more do you need? Oh for little letters to say "Necromancer" next to [insert race] so you can somehow feel like a necromancer...

Play a Dk you feel like a god damn necromancer.

I imagine it would step on warlock toes more, since they would prob be another dot class with pets that wears cloth.

From a gameplay standpoint hunters, locks and dks all have a permanent pet and dots.

Maybe they could find a way to make them a melee cloth caster, or a class that uses wands as their main weapon, those would work from level 1 onward since they wouldn't need a new type of weapon like DH, even if wands arent the most common item drop, or maybe a multi pet class, like necros in age of conan, which had a certain amount of pet points and could summon multiple pets depending on what types you had out at a time, I thought it was cool to have 3 zombies following me around

With monk they added a class that fights unarmed, sort of, and they could have had an unarmed fighting class in vanilla had they designed it.
I would like to see witch and valkyrie classes added.
Shaman Tank
04/20/2017 08:37 PMPosted by Darthaes
hah! like it.

great way to smuggle in a necromancer class without causing quite as much uproar.

EDIT: didn't realize this thread was a necro.
I'd like to see a Battle Mage. Plate wearing, 2h weapon wielding, spell caster! :)
I think Tinker will be the next Hero Class with Gnomes, Mechagnomes, Goblins, and Vulpera being the races that have access to it. Although, I'd much rather it be Hobgoblins than Vulpera it seems likely that they're going to be the next Allied Race and pushed in that direction.

After that I think we may get Shadow Hunters but there needs to be an Alliance race that can be Shadow Hunters (technically two since Horde would have Jungle and Zandalari Trolls).

I'd opt for Dark Trolls in this case because it makes the most sense for them to join the Alliance and also Humans because there are Human Shadow Hunters in Stranglethorn.

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