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I have about 11 level 110's and have completed normal NH and some heroic NH on other toons. I have AOTC for EN but then took a break from raiding for TOV.

I have M+ experience and I am capable of getting a char to level 110 and ilvl 880 ish in a matter of days with the new catchup mechanics in timeless is.... tanaan ju.... broken shore. I know the fights in NH and I'm looking to start from the get-go in Tomb of Sargeras.

I'm interested in rerolling, maybe a rogue? I'd like to stay horde but I'm looking for a guild to join that raids 1 maybe 2 days per week (not thursday).

The biggest thing I'm looking for is a community focused group. The attitude/general feel is more important to me than which boss you're progressing on. Thanks if you've made it this far please leave your reply here, or even guild spam!

Sounds like we might be a good fit for you. We're a casual guild and we raid twice a week. We're more about having fun versus breaking our face against crazy fights. That said, we are focused when we raid so it's not complete chaos (most of the time ;))

Point is, most of have been friends for 8+ years and we came back to the game to have fun, not make it a job. We have enough to raid but we're still looking for more because we think the more the merrier! We want to rebuild our community with mature like-minded people.

So let's chat. And, we don't raid thursday. We're currently 3/10 Heroic NH and we raid 7PM Sundays & 7:30PM PST Wednesdays. We'll be hitting Tomb when it comes out as well.

ID: avarice#1190
website: insurgencyguild.com
Good Afternoon! <From Ashes> is an alliance guild run by a husband and wife team on the Whisperwind/ Dentarg servers. We are a social/ casual guild with a low stress raiding environment. Most of our members are made up of older members (avg age is in the 30-35ish) with children and full time jobs. Our goal is to have a guild that feels like a famliy, where are members actually care about one another and want to hang out.

We try to do as much as we can together on non-raid nights whether that be fun runs/ mythic dungeons/ achievements/ etc. Our raid times are Sun/Wed from 8p-10p central. We also have people running mythic + during the week if that is something that you're interested in. Here is our guild spam if you want to check it out: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753445188#post-5

Please add my or my fellow officers btag if you are interested in chatting: Wyrmbreaker#1415 or Chelusa#1974. Good luck in your guild search! :)
If you are willing to consider Alliance, <House Brighthammer> (Wyrmrest Accord) is currently rebuilding its core raid team, and is looking for a few new family members. We would prefer to progress in raids with a team of people we enjoy spending time with, and who are willing to work together.

Our core raid members are 7/7 ENH, 3/3 ToVN, 10/10 NHN. Our raid times are Friday and Sunday, 7 - 10 PM PST. We expect to begin Heroic progression this week.

We are seeking people who have the desire to raid, will follow instructions and mechanics, and will make every reasonable attempt to be on time. We require 870+, Discord, and DBM Timer.

Specific roles we are looking to fill are:
Holy Paladin
One other healer
One DPS with tank offspec
Another melee dps

I would love to have a chat with you to see if Brighthammer seems like it would suit your needs. I am usually online between 9 AM and 9 PM PST and can be reached at Aristiri#1425, or you may respond to this post.
Hey Jacko,

I'd like to know what all of your 110s are (or which class you decided was not worth leveling yet). Get in touch if you'd like to talk. Pete#1889

recruiting spam:

Small horde guild on Mal'ganis. Sunday nights 7-10 CST. Hit me up Jedipimp#1652
Vicious Intent is a Horde side, casual schedule guild on the Dalaran (PvE) server, currently at 8/10 Heroic NH. We are a new incarnation of a BC, WotLK, Cataclysm raiding guild, led by the same GM and much of the same officer crew.

Our leadership has been raiding since the MC Days, and several members have been raiding together since the original Karazhan.

Our guild is made up of adults. People with jobs/wives/kids/lives, etc. We have a small but good core of people, most with a great deal of pre-MoP experience, and some with experience in Normal and Heroic current content.

Our raid schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays from 9PM-Midnight EST, and we encourage solid attendance, though we have no etched in stone attendance minimums.

We are currently looking for more Ranged DPS, 1 Healer with a Strong DPS Offspec, and 1 Tank to fill out our Raid Roster, exceptional candidates of all Classes/Specs will always be considered.

We expect our members to know their class/spec, and be able to research upcoming fights. We also strongly believe that Attitude>Skill>Gear. Skill we can teach, gear we can farm, but if your parents didn't raise you right, I can't help you. Because of this belief, I would rather raid shorthanded, or even PUG or cancel raids than allow "bad apples" to hang around. Vicious Intent will never compromise its principles for short term progression gains.

If you are a hard working, driven raider who is looking to get in on the ground floor of a guild in it’s that is growing and progressing quickly, then come check us out.


Fill out an application on our website, or send us a message (preferably on Discord):

Zaratta - GM - BNet: BBQELF#1383 Discord: Zaratta#8070
If you ever consider going alliance. We'd love to have you!

About Us

Evermore is a new casual/semi-hardcore one night a week raiding/leveling guild recently relocated on Stormrage [A] from Bleeding Hollow [H]. Our goal is to clear content efficiently on a minimalist schedule that helps out players with more active lives during the week. We are looking for all types of players new and returning to join our community, make some new friends/family, and kill some bosses. We also offer raid Food/Flasks/Potions as well as guild repairs for all our members

Progression : 10/10N (First raid week)
Times & Days : Friday 8pm-12am EST (We only raid ONE night a week!)
Server : Stormrage (Alliance, PvE, Full server)
Voice : Discord - We do require all raiders to be in Discord on raid nights to listen to strats and communicate.
Loot : Personal Loot - We ask if you get a downgrade, you trade it to another member.

    Tanks : CLOSED
    Melee : OPEN (Limited Availability)
    Ranged : OPEN
    Heals : OPEN (Non priest Heals)

Contact (Please add to discuss joining)
Guild Master : HeyitsShenan#1390
Hey, sounds like you'd fit in well with us!

Horde - Area 52
Tue/Sun 8-11 PM EST
Optional Mon heroic clear 8-11 PM EST

We are fairly active on off-nights and are a very close group.

Hey all!

Thanks for the great replies, I'm going to take my time looking through these and doing my research the best I can to make the right decision.

Thanks again,
Come for the mythic raiding, stay for the legendary community!


9/10M NH, 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV
US Top 200 Last Xpack

Seraph of US-Mal’Ganis is a GIANT adult mythic progression raiding guild featuring TWELVE full time raid teams all operating in cohesion under one roof. We have been around for over seven years as one of WoW's few massive raiding guilds and offer our raiders a stable home for the years to come. Mythic raiding is our focus but we also offer the resources and fun of an adult raiding community that other guilds can’t. We are routinely among the top teams on server and doing so on fairly limited schedules. Seraph could easily be the last guild you ever join because we make friendships and memories that last a lifetime!

With such a large community, we offer our raiders a wide selection of events to participate in; YOU'LL NEVER HAVE TO PUG ANYTHING! Our guild features:
  • Core raids for each team
  • Alt raids open to all
  • Legacy raids open to all
  • Achievement raids open to all
  • M+ Dungeons
  • PVP - RBGs, BGs, Arena
  • Active guild forums

Each of our twelve teams has unique needs and schedules, and vary from casual to hardcore. Please visit SeraphGuild.com to view the needs of each team! We are an adult guild and have an 18+ policy.

1. Spaceball One - 8/10M, 7/7M, 3/3M (11pm - 2am CST, Tue/Wed/Thu)
2. Mutiny - 9/10M, 7/7M, 3/3M (11:45pm - 3:15am CST, Fri/Sat)
3. Team Ocho - 4/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H (9pm - 12am CST, Sun/Mon/Wed)
4. Zero Hour - HEROIC -
5. Hallowed Ground - 3/10M, 4/7M, 3/3N (11pm - 2am CST, Fri/Sat)
6. Bloodline - 8/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H (7pm - 10pm CST, Tues/Wed/Thu)
7. Color Blind - 4/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H ( 8:30pm - 12am CST, Fri/Sat)
8. Barely Heroic - HEROIC - 10/10H, 7/7H, 2/3H (10:30pm - 1:30am CST, Tues/Thu)
9. Remnant - 3/10M, 7/7H, 2/3H (6pm - 10pm CST, Sat/Sun)
10. Pillow Talk - 5/10M, 7/7M, 3/3H (10:30pm - 1:30am CST, Tues/Wed/Thurs)
11. Beyond Blue - HEROIC- 10/10H (7pm - 10pm CST, Wed/Thurs)
12. Top Gun - 5/10M (10am - 1pm CST, Tue/Wed/Thurs)
PVP Squad: 1650 (19-9) (6:30pm - 8:30pm CST, Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed)

Guild Master: IlpadTwo (ilpad#1438)
Guild Administration: Symmone (ClaireBear#1202)
Guild PVP: Weseals (ScottyB#1682)
Recruitment Assistant: Jaymie (Valkyrie#1796)

Visit http://seraphguild.com for more information!
Hey, Jacko! Judging from your alts it's good to see you're versatile and familiar with different classes/specs and have raid experience that's current. What stood out most to me is
-2 Raid days (Wed/Sat)
-Someone looking for a guild to be a part of as a community and have fun playing together. (This is the most important thing)

Really hope to hear from you add me on bnet! Slyx#1862
I have core spots for multiple roles so you can choose to commit on whichever toon you enjoy playing the most.

*Updated 4/26/17

About the Guild
<Special Treatment> Is a stable guild, on the Hyjal server. Most of us have been raiding together since the beginning of Cataclysm. The guild is active during most times of the day/week. There are a lot of M+ key runs, BGs, and we hang out in discord. It's a great guild to call home. We have our main raid group and then ~3 months ago I began recruiting for a 2nd raid group: The Offnight Raid Team. (Our main raid group is 3/10M NH 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV if interested: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754345566#1 )

About the Offnight Raid Team
The Offnight Raid is a newer raid team within the guild. At the moment we are short a few core members. The idea with this group is have a more relaxed attitude towards progression on our 5 schedule. I would like to be clearing heroic content every tier and pushing into mythic at the teams own pace. Progression has been slow due to players joining and not having the patience for a raid team to be built. As well as the general issues all guilds see with attendance when you're at the end of a raid before the next content drop. With that in mind once we have a few more solid players we should move along smoothly. Really looking to hit the ground running when Tomb Of Sargeras releases.

What are we looking for?
I am looking for dedicated members who enjoy playing the game, strive to improve,and are reliable. People with not only the ability to improve but the desire to do so. Raid awareness and consistant attendance are two qualities we highly value in any raider. Personally I have been in the guild since December 2010 when Cataclysm dropped. We want players looking for a raid team but also for a guild to call home. If this sounds like the right place for you I hope to hear from you.

Offnight Team Raid Days/Times: Wed/Sat 7:30-10p.m (PST)
Offnight Team Raid Progress : 5/10H NH 10/10N NH

Offnight Team Recruitment
-Death Knight(High)
-Demon hunter(High)

-Monk (Low)
-Priest (Med)
The Clique is a friendly, casual raiding guild on the Norgannon server. We have been around sense early in Burning Crusade. A lot of our core members have known one another for a long time, and we offer a stable, friendly environment to new raiders or seasoned raiders that want a break from hardcore environments.
We are currently 10/10H Nighhold. We raid 11:15pm to 2:105am server time (EST) Tuesday and Sunday. Our guild boasts quite a few west coast members and night owls, so if you are a fellow insomniac you will have a happy home here.
In general, we are a group of people that play wow because we enjoy the people we play with and we have a lot of fun together raiding. If this sounds like a good fit for what you are looking to do, I highly recommend sending in an application as we would love to get to know you!
If you are interested in joining us please fill out an application at http://theclique.guildlaunch.com/ and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in game or any other offcers. My battle tag is Hadorya#1497
Hit me up on battlenet and we can chat about what you'd wanna play and getting you in! Jasterbater#1519.

<Pacific Myth>
Realm: US - Zul'jin(PVE)
Faction: Horde
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9:00pm - 12:00am EST
Loot system: Loot Council
Progression: 10/10H. Most of our members have been 4/10M and we're looking to get back to that asap. Just need 1-2 more bodies.

Warrior (High Priority)
Frost DK

Ranged DPS
Shadow Priest

Resto Shaman(High Priority)
Holy Priest
Mistweaver Monk

Pacific Myth consists of a group of friends that have played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We've all been part of hardcore raiding and our looking to bring that experience to push progression, but in a more a laid back environment. We all love to joke around, and have fun, but we do want to see bosses downed and loot for all.

What to expect from us:
Our goal is to down content as quickly as possible in a 9 hour raid week while have fun at the same time. We're a laid back guild with a good raiding atmosphere. We're creating somewhere that people can raid without being yelled at. At the same time, none of us enjoy wiping so we expect our raiders to perform at a high level. We're a progression driven group that can have fun at the same time and are looking for like minded people.

What we expect of you:
We expect our raiders to be knowledgeable of their current class and spec as well as up to date on upcoming changes. Players should have researched new fights and have a strong understanding of the fight coming into it and understanding your role. We also want people that are fun to be around, but focused on progression.

How to apply:
If you're interested you can contact any of our officers listed below, or you can fill out an application at http://pacificmyth.enjin.com/. Hope to hear from you soon!

Humble is a Mythic progression raiding guild consisting of a long standing core group from vanilla & TBC. We strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of play and progression while only dedicating 7 hours (2 days) to our raid week. As such, it is important that all of our applicants first be sure that they are ready to be not only punctual, but to be thorough in their preparation and as proactive as they can in learning encounters before they are pulled.

Below is some of the relevant information regarding our guild and server. Please feel free to contact our recruitment officers in-game if you have any questions.

T19 progression:
    9/10 M-NH
    2/3 M-ToV
    7/7 M-EN

Raid schedule:
Sunday: 5-8:30PM Pacific Time
Monday: 5-8:30PM Pacific Time

Loot system:
Progression focused loot council

Recruitment officers:
soj#11462, schtoogie#1186


Connected Realms:
Crushridge, Anub'arak, Chromaggus, Garithos, Nathrezim, Smolderthorn

Class needs:
Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes. Current classes of particular interest are below.
    1 Tank (preference towards Prot Paladin)
    1-2 Melee DPS (require a Rogue -- all other classes also viable)
    1-2 Ranged DPS (require a Hunter -- Moonkin, Elemental Shaman also viable)

Where to apply:
If interested, you may apply at: http://humbleguild.com/forums/1002139 -- please be sure to follow the application format/instructions.
Add Yin#1932 if you have any questions or send an in game mail.

<Skada Doesnt Know>

10/10 H Nighthold
6/10 M Nighthold

Raid Times:
Friday: 9:00 - 12:00PM CST (3 hours)
Saturday: 7:00 - 11:00PM CST (4 hours)

Loot System: EP/GP

<Skada Doesnt Know> is a weekend raiding guild on Mal'ganis-US. Many of the core raiders have experience dating back to Wrath and after reforming, seek to become one of the top guilds on Mal'ganis.

What we expect of you:

* Properly geared (gems and enchants)

* 100% attendence during trial runs (~90% if passed trial)
Emergencies/vacations happen, but you must let officers know ahead of time.

* Look up fights BEFORE raid
This is especially true if you have not downed/seen the fight ON THAT DIFFICULTY

* Extensive knowledge of your class and spec
A willingness and ability to play multiple dps specs depending on fights (especially for mages, rogues, warlocks, dk).

* Minimize damage taken
Watch boss timers and be ready to react to abilities instead of waiting for abilities to occur and responding according. Someone taking extensive damage/dying will not last long trials. Someone that is PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE can minimize damage taken and thus increase survivability.

* Ability to follow directions
If you are told to stack, be sure to be stacked ASAP. Interrupts NEED to happen. Death grips/stuns SHOULD come out. Stun WHEN WE CALL. We do check abilities cast and we know if you didn't do what we ask.

What you should expect of us:

* Stability
Underrated by many WoW players, many of us have raided since Wraith and the officer core has been around since MoP. We don't burn out like many other guilds and we want to continue raiding for years to come.

* Efficient raiding
We raid only 7 hours yet are as far progressed as guilds that raid 10 hours or more. We manage this by 1) minimizing downtime during loot distribution and 2)...

* Proactive research into optimal strategy
We labor over multiple vods (POV kills, streams, theorycrafting, etc.) to select the best strategy for our raid. We are self-critical and will refine strategies based on our composition.

* Social raiding guild
Many of us still raid due to friendships forged over years of raiding. We encourage people to participate in our social circle.

* Laid-back atmosphere
While taking raiding seriously, we do not get angry or yell at people. We don't focus on the negative and instead state what needs to be worked on or improved. If you consistently under perform for a specific boss (constant lag spikes, lack of understanding) you will be sat so you can relax and recollect yourself. Sometimes a few minutes away does wonders for performance
Thunder Bluff Sushi Bar is a guild made of a small group of friends who have been playing together for years.
Don't worry, we're not a clique-y group.
We're not fans of elitists or people looking to be carried. We just want some chill people who can keep their gear up to date and learn fights as we go.

Raid Times:
Friday – 7pm server (CST) Normal Nighthold (Full clear 7/7)
Saturday – 7pm server (CST) Heroic Nighthold (Currently 8/10)

Loot System: Personal Loot for all raids

Currently recruiting:
    • Melee DPS: Low
    • Ranged DPS: High
    • Tanks: Closed
    • Healers: Closed

We don't have any strict attendance requirements, though obviously if you're absent more than you attend, we need a body and might have to find people to fill your role. But with flex raiding being a thing, it's not that big of a deal.

We run Mythics and Mythic+ pretty regularly, though activity is definitely higher during the weekends since most of us work during the week.

Disclaimer: We have a pretty tight zero tolerance policy on sexism/racism/homophobia/being a !@##!**! in general. You'll be warned a time or two, but if it keeps up you'll quickly be gone.

Feel free to message me if you want to join or have any questions.

Discord: NerdEsq#0692
BNet: NerdEsq#1750
In game: Gimmemyname-Stormreaver
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NerdEsq
Please get a hold of me ASAP please =] Think we will be a good fit for you.
Corrupt Intentions - Union - Uldum
7/7 MYTHIC EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV and Currently 10/10 H NH and 3/10 Mythic

Wed: 8pm-11pm PST
Sun: 8pm-11pm PST
Mon: 8pm-11pm PST

Hello my name is Sin and I am the raid leader and GM of Corrupt Intentions. We are currently recruiting exceptional Healers and DPS looking forward to pushing content and Mythic+ dungeons. With the onset of Tomb of Sargeras fast approaching we are looking for fresh players to join our ranks in our continued success in Mythic content. We are a varied group of raiders whom are dedicated to the team and having fun.

For more info check here; https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753935706#1
Hey Jack, I am picking up what your puttin down. I have the environment your looking for, lets talk AaronC#11555 -

My guild spam, but I mean every word of it. Oh and I could use a solid rogue

Hello there! Science⚗️is a weekend raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow (US), with 10/10 Heroic Night Hold. We are a semi-hardcore guild currently looking for solid, mature players to start Mythic Nighthold, and preparing for ToS when it’s out. Raids are all listed in server time (EST) and our raids take place on Fridays and Saturdays with regular mythic + being ran in groups during the week.

We are in high need of a Boomkin, Holy Pally, Shadow Priest, Mage, Melee DPS, and Off-Tanks (For Mythic+ only, or to fill.) to even out our core 20-man roaster, while still looking to pick up some DPS, healers, and off-tanks for mythic + groups and to fill in when needed.

Raid Times:

⬛️ Thursday: 7 PM – 9 PM EST (Normal Night Hold, optional raid.)
⬛️ Fridays: 9 PM - 12 AM EST
⬛️ Saturdays: 9 PM -12 AM EST

What server is Science on?

⬛️ Bleeding Hollow (US)

What faction?

⬛️ Horde

Available Positions:

⬛️ DPS: Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Mage and Melee DPS (For Raids AND Mythic+)
⬛️ Healers: Holy Pally needed.
⬛️ Tanks: Open (Off tanks needed for Mythic+ or fill in for main tanks when needed.)


⬛️ 890+ ilvl
⬛️ Use DBM / BigWiggs
⬛️ Don't stand in fire?
⬛️ Show up on time with Flask/Food/Pots
⬛️ Be Gem'd / Enchanted
⬛️ VoIP is required for raiding (We use Discord).
⬛️ Willing to take constructive criticism.
⬛️ Have a thorough understanding of your builds, talents and rotation.

Please feel free to add one of Science’s officers if interested! (FourTwenty#1653 or HueHefner#1709)

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