Promise of Elune Boots

Just got Promise of Elune the Moon Goddess. What the %$#ing %$#!

"Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath deal 8% increased damage and grant Power of Elune, increasing the healing of your next Regrowth by 30% and reducing its cast time by 5%, stacking up to 20 times."

Sure there is the possibility that you could save a tank with a big heal in a raid. May be its meant for PVP? Or maybe its just meant to be a simple boost to baseline dmg with a surprise toy in the box.

The use is so situational. Why would anyone use this over any other legendary? If anyone has a clue, please clue me in.
05/03/2017 09:25 PMPosted by Ari
Why would anyone use this over any other legendary? If anyone has a clue, please clue me in.

u will if ur other legendaries are worse
It used to only be the heal. The +8% to your builders is a fairly recent addition. It was my first legendary, before it added any damage. Imagine how it used to feel.

Believe it or not, it's a mid-range single target legendary. Often ranked #4 behind EDC, IFE and OI. And hey, the stats are nice.

TLDR; it's not as bad as you think. It could have been worse, and once was.
This is actually pretty good. It isnt going ot be BiS over ED/IFE/OI but the baseline dmg increase is decent, and the heal can be nice for putting out a big heal for something which may cheese a mechanic or two etc.
I hear ya. "Its better than it was."

I tried it out and my options are Elune boots vs Lady and the Child. Swapping them out for ST vs AOE fights is about a net 0 +/-. With the changes to the legendaries, Lady and the Child is still better.

So much for legendaries being exciting when the bump up is about what you get from drinking a pot that you can make.
Hate to burst your 'I'm angry' bubble, but it's one of the best, if not top 3, single target legendaries. Depending on latency, it's better than ED.
Boots are better than LnC pure single target. If not, you're doing something very wrong.
They would be strong during progression too. That heal can help keep you up and take pressure off of the healers. Plus you get the added benefit of a ST boost
You can't dps if you are dead, and those boots have saved my !@# in plenty of cases.
My other balance leggos are very...poor. so I'd take that to use with LnC myself. It's not OI or the ring but it's not the chest piece either, so it doesn't suck up a tier slot like LnC does.
I occasionally save healers in M+ dgs with regrowth. Also for me the moonfire and sunfire both count for 25% of my overall damage. So a boost to something that SHOULD be part of your rotation is good.
shoutout to my new boots for my latest top parses
Thanks for the input guys. Helps me round out my view.

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