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Moon Guard
Hey there. The Greyshields is a mercenary order that is, well, looking for people to join and to make allies. Before you try and move on, the Greyshields is not a criminal mercenary guild. We abide by the law (for the most part, no one has asked us to do any smuggling or of the sort yet), and refrain from partaking into any issues that could possibly turn sour on us. We are primarily RPers, but we also do raiding and have people partake in PVP.

For the RPers: Every RP event we partake in, whether it’s our own or someone else’s, there is always an event posted on the in-game calendar. So that way people can adjust their schedule to try and come to what they can. We also do/encourage free-RP with each other, whether you want to hang out with people in the cities or get away from the chaos and hand at base (Marshtide, swamp of sorrows). We do accept a variety of personalities and races, but if you don’t work well with others or be able to follow orders that could possibly save your life, then you may not do so well with us. We also are part of large alliances, such as PRISM and the Azeroth Prosperity Initative. Since we are in group alliances such as this, it gives us the opportunity to be hired by them for mercenary-related work, such as security for parties, or caravan escorts.

For the Raiders: We currently raid with two other guilds, Tempest Born Company and Order of the Beast. With our combined forces of pleps we are able to do the current raids that the game releases. We raid every Tuesday and Sunday, even if I forget to post it on the calendar.

For the PVPers: I’ll be honest, we suck at PVP, the stereo type holds true in this guild. But! We have heart, and have some people that do like to PVP. If you’re super awesome at PVP perhaps you can help us out, because we need it.
For the Memes: We have too many memes, I even get referred to as Shrek for a ‘what are you doing in my swamp?!’ joke I made iccly ‘cause I thought it would be funny, please send help.

If you have any questions at all feel free to search for any Greyshields member online or send Jiroki a whisper/in game letter. Here is a website with a bit more detailed explanation on how the guild runs. Whereas we are not labeled as a ‘mature’ guild, mature themes and discussions may take place that you may become witness to.
Fener, Togg and Fanderay or Trake?
A good bunch of eggs right here, for sure.
05/04/2017 06:14 PMPosted by Raheemnassar
Fener, Togg and Fanderay or Trake?

I don't know what this means, I'm sorry lol
A great bunch of people to RP with. Really enjoy being around them.
The raid group recently beat Gul'dan in the Nighthold Heroic, and we all got our AOTC achievements. :)
It's a wonderful guild, nice to!
Snipe snipe
This year the Greyshields are having their own booth at the Tournament of ages! If you've never heard ot the Tournament of Ages beforem then check out tournamentofages.com It is a really cool yearly event that goes on! In other news, we also have our own machinima! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PtP0ePJBCs&feature=youtu.be
Greyshields have been partaking in the campaign Dead Hand Protocal, hosted by those of Knights of Ashfall! It's been really fun so far, lots of undead business.
Jiroki needs to stop getting hurt already!
12/13/2017 09:12 AMPosted by Dartanroe
Jiroki needs to stop getting hurt already!

Can't tell me what to do!
The Greyshields raid team cleared Antorus on normal! We have tanks and healers already, but if anyone feels like joining a mercenary guild and wants to do some raiding on the side as well, we got that going for us.

Also would be rad to get some DMs in the guild if anyone is looking for a guild to do be able to do their own story-line events that are lore friendly.
Good people here, you should check them out.
Jiroki and Vemran are awesome folks, and their guild is full of excellent people. If you're looking for guard and combat-style RP with a neutral perspective, this is an amazing guild for you. <3

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