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Well hello there! I am looking for a guild that is willing to accept the fact that i am a low level, and when i have the possibility to raid, if someone of the guild could teach me to, because i am kinda new to the game, and please, a guild that is active and social, thank you!
Hey Zep,

If you're looking for casual guild with good people we might be a good fit.
We are always looking for new people to play with.
Most of us are older in age as well with families and such if that is the fit you are looking for.

While we dont have many low level player most of us are always willing to help out.

10/10 heroic atm for raid stuff.
We raid tues/wed 9-11 est.

Feel free to add me if you want to talk.

Hey, yeah sure! Im not that old sincerely, but im on the internet a long time and im not that much of a noob or idk >_> but im looking forward to it, so i sent you an friend invite, my battletag is Tecnerd#1350 but you can call me Tec as everyone i meet does for some reason e.e

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