Mythic/Heroic ToS, Gul'dan Mount Sales

Darrowmere and Windrunner
<Hard in the Paint> is now selling Mythic Kil'jaeden, 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, Mythic Nighthold runs & Mythic Gul'dan mounts! Get your AOTC achievement and 930+ gear in a quick and cheap run. Additional sale options include “The Chosen” title and accompanying transmog set, Mythic EN , Heroic Nighthold/Gul'dan.

Mythic ToS*
Contact us in-game for a quote

Full Clear Heroic Tomb of Sargeras
Personal loot- 200,000
Master loot(15-25 raiders) - 750,000-1,250,000

Heroic Kil'jaeden
Personal Loot - 100,000

Mythic Gul'dan Mount

*With Antorus, the Burning Throne right around the corner, we still require a few pieces of gear and loot will be Raider > Buyer for us with next tier progression in mind. (mythic ToS sales only)

Additional sales:
"The Chosen" title + accompanying armor transmog
Personal Loot - 1,500,000

Full Clear Mythic Emerald Nighmare
Personal Loot - 200,000

Smoldering Ember Wyrm - 100,000

Mythic Keystones are sold on an individual basis. We will carry almost any key, and can stack classes to increase your loot chances. Weekly affixes are the final determination for prices.
Personal Loot - 100,000-175,000

Time of Sales
Tuesdays starting @ 8PM Server Time (11est/8pst)

You have until 48 hours before scheduled run to reschedule if needed.
If technical issues arise during your scheduled raid, we will allow 15 minutes for you to get situated before we continue on.
There will be no competition for your armor specialization (Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate). The only exception will be with Back/Neck/Ring/Relics slots-- which will be distributed based on the in-game roll system. (Heroic runs)
ALL GEAR which is not an upgrade for our raiders on personal loot will be traded to the appropriate buyer. (Mythic)
In-game currency only

To purchase a run please contact myself or others listed below.
Transcndence (Transcndence#1533)
Proxxi (Proxxi#1414)
Ayyyyy Lmao
Prices current?
Most of these prices have been dropped, post will be updated with Antorus prices shortly.
Mythic ToS prices?

Sounds good I would be interested in an update :)
has the guldan price changed and would u take the gold on any server and faction or just ur server and alli ??
Any price updates?
Prices current?

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