[H] <Angry Mob> Adult entertainment raiding!

Eredar, Gorefiend, Spinebreaker, and Wildhammer
<Angry Mob> One of the longest running guilds on our server, are currently looking to expand our roster.
This is a Casual raiding guild. The tone is usually laid back and very adult with the necessary seriousness for progression.
- Tues/Thurs @ optional Sunday Funday runs @ 9-11 est.
Located on Gorefiend (server joined with Eredar, Spinebreaker, and Wildhammer).

We wish to replenish a few more of our body count for Mythic Raid progression!
Healers are in Decent demand at the moment. Paladins, Monks, and priests are desired to increase diversity. Anyone is welcome but your attitude is what really makes or breaks you.

Feel free to send tell in game to battletag TitanLionel#1332
*or on discord @ TitanLionel#9316

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