9:30 PST 7/11 Mythic LF a couple DPS

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In Dark Skies, we balance solid Mythic raiding progression with everyone's needs for career and family. But more than that, we're a community that is a family unto itself, where everyone becomes true friends and get to know each other. We recruit based on both performance AND personality, to create a fun, friendly, relaxed environment where we also kick butt.

We're a mature group mostly consisting of professionals & parents with young children. So we raid late, after the kids are in bed. Our members range from age 21 to 47, with most in the 30+ range. Our group includes professors, game designers, software developers, college students, and many others.

We value each other as friends, not just as people we raid with. We hang out on mumble a lot, including non-raid days, and enjoy helping each other with achievements, farming old mounts, or just shooting the breeze.

Most of us have been raiding for years (including pre-WoW). The core of the team has been together since WotLK.

Most of all, we're about people. Because raiding isn't really about classes, or gear, or specs.

Raiding is about people!

9:30 PM - 1 AM, Pacific Time, on Tue / Wed / Thurs. Sunday is our back-up day when needed (for example, if the servers are down on a regular raid night).

1. Personality is the most important thing. We want mature, easy-going people who like to have fun.
2. That being said, we are a Mythic raiding guild, so everybody needs to perform at that level. We're very happy to work together to bring up our numbers, help with add-ons and macros, etc. We're happy to take good raiders we like, as long as they're willing to become great raiders. (We will NOT take raiders we don't like! We don't care how great they are.)
3. All ages are welcome, but we are mostly an older group.
4. Respect for diversity is a must. People come from different backgrounds, and we all need to respect that.
5. Please be respectful of others' time! We all have busy lives and time is at a premium.
6. We do need some sort of indication that you have the potential to perform at a Mythic level. So please have a history of raiding at a difficult level in this or prior expansions.

Rogue, DPS Death Knight, DPS Warrior, or Windwalker Monk
1 ranged DPS (Warlock, Shadow Priest, Hunter, Elemental Shaman, or Balance Druid)

<Note: If your class/spec isn't listed, please do ask. We're pretty flexible in terms of raid comp and might be open to what you have to offer. If you want to tank, we are looking for a tank long-term, but we only recruit tanks internally so we'd need you to get to know the team as a DPS for a while.>

SoO 14/14 Heroic (June 2014, long before the nerfs)
4/7 Mythic Highmaul before BRF
7/10 Mythic BRF
13/13 Mythic HFC (January 25, 2016 - U.S. 232nd)
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare (Xavius U.S. 336th)
3/3 Mythic ToV
10/10 Mythic Nighthold (U.S. 240th)
8/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras (KJ @ 5%) (U.S. 273)
7/11 Mythic Antorus (so far!)

We play on the Hyjal server - The Jewel of the West!

Hyjal has, by far, the largest Horde population on any PvE server in the Pacific Time Zone. It has become a destination for many PST Horde players, and is expanding rapidly. We all came from different servers, ourselves.

Hyjal is a HIGH-population server, but with no queue times. The population is overwhelmingly Horde.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we'd be happy to talk to you. Add us on battletag please!
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