Rate the warlock name above you

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Addam meh 4/10
Eh, it might be some reference I don't get, in which case it might deserve a much higher score, but:

Lazykushi 4/10
Teribelle is A+

Pun? Check.
Based of a word associated with anything bad? Check.
Cute as !@#$? Check.

Overall 8/10 because TOO cute.
8/10 respect on the transmog
Lazy and Kush from da greens
I dont hate it.
But come on man what are you twelve? lol

feels like your mog and name taken from some dumb 1990's cartoon villain
Nice snag 8/10
not bad
Solid 7/10
4/10. Char maps are eh.
05/15/2017 08:02 PMPosted by Addam
05/15/2017 06:31 PMPosted by Schwarzvald

Somewhat scholarly but not very orc

Doesn't scream Warlock to me, does it mean something? I like the name itself though. 8/10

Its German for Black Forest
Not many Warlocks are from Germany , 7/10
5/10 nope
3/10 to edgy for me
9/10, would only work for a gnome or goblin
9/10 cool name, fits the undead perfectly in my opinion
Mortavos, your transmog made me lol irl.

Rating the poster above me ill say 6/10 maybe higher rating than that if the name is a reference to something im unaware about, so take my rating with a grain of salt lol.

As for my name, its a reference to Chiari Malformation and added the warior bit because I fight this defect every day and try to stay strong. I spelled it Keyari because that's how i pronounce Chiari. So that's the reference for my name, I know its not warlock theme name at all so i expect a low rating, but that's ok lol.
7/10 for finding your inspiration where you need it to keep fighting!

Keyari is actually a really solid name on itself! While I could have gone without the warrior part, again, if it's something that inspires you, that's important!

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