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Another post-capped thread has come and gone. Didn't see another Lounge thread, so I made one. Enjoy! Hope you're all having a nice Friday!
Prepped the smoker. chicken has been marinating for close to 24 hours. Got cold beer in the cooler. Who's ready for the weekend!
Yeah, looks like Regnyl tried and wasn't able to get his new thread to show up. I tried making one when he posted that in the other, and mine didn't show either. The automated forum moderation is sometimes a bit too sensitive, though I admit I say that without knowing how many legitimate things it screens out.
Hmm, wonder what the deal with that is, Eilethalua. When I made this one, it took around 5 minutes for it to show up -- not sure what the difference is, or what the system is looking for, but I guess that's the point. If we knew what the system was looking for, the people trying to spam would just deliberately get around it.

*drinks all the coffee*

*curls up in corner*
A very good friend of mine gave me a game to playtest. That mean new miniatures to buy. This time it's WW2 air fighter combat
I found this thread a good time, something that GD can sometimes lack.


It made me smile. Hopefully you guys will too!
Levíathan, that thread is gold. Thank you!
Yesterday, in my Google News feed, there was a headline that seriously made me raise an eyebrow. Watching the video it linked to was funny. Basically, WOW on NES -- or more like a programmed satire of WOW:


Maybe it amused me more because I remember every single starting zone too well, and I've done that dungeon more times than I could possibly count.
*throws chocolate at Vrak*

Evenin! *noms*
I am currently enjoying myself on the PTR with the Trial of Style event with Blizzard. It is a lot of fun trying to match the theme each time. This will be a fun addition to the game -- perfect for those downtime moments when you just want a break from the grind.


04/21/2017 03:01 PMPosted by Eilethalua
Basically, WOW on NES -- or more like a programmed satire of WOW

I seen the video when she posted it on the WoW subReddit. Her and her husband did an outstanding job making the video.

Shadow the Cat enjoying himself
That chicken looks great, Thundertotem.

Aww, Shadow is adorable!

Think we are doing nachos tonight. I've been watching a lot of YouTube machinimas lately and they just kept playing this one nacho advert over & over. Was driving me crazy, lol.
04/21/2017 04:31 PMPosted by Kyzera
Aww, Shadow is adorable!
Yes he is. Like most cats, he adopted me, just showed up one day and made me his hooman.
Good evening!
04/21/2017 04:24 PMPosted by Thundertotem


Yum, I want some! lol
*grumbles about the weather*
Oooh, that was delicious, Levíathan.

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