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Time Gated
World content!
Epic Grind
too rng
Pretty good
05/05/2017 05:39 AMPosted by Shadowdamna
RNG Empire.


Honestly, there are some high points with Legion and there IS a lot of content and lots to do that WoD did not offer and straight up ruined for the playerbase.

By comparison Legion is so much better - my only true complaint is the RNG that's become too much of a factor. I far prefer obtaining 'legendary' or high quality items through rare or challenging quests instead of some internal dice roll.
Hamster Wheel

"We added new legendaries, mounts, and levels to your weapon but you have to do the same 9-month old WQ, raids, or dungeons to get them. Have fun!"
Sh*t Crap-as in quality
Scum Bag-as in the current devs
Dirt Nap-do I really need to explain?
Suck it!

Semper Fi!
Owch my Spec.
Pretty good
Still fun

Still playing

Still relevant
> WoD
> Cata
> MoP
>= TBC
<= WotLK
> Vanilla
Good fun.

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Fun enough.
Underachieved potential.

I really think there's a lot of good things in Legion, but there are just too many very questionable developer and design choices right now that are plaguing a lot of that good content. RNG-everything and the current way the legendary system works are probably the two biggest issues, there's a lot of good content (quests are fun, I enjoy World Quests as a nice QoL change to dailies), but a lot of those design choices are big issues, and they interefere with almost every part of the game.

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